Strange Cylinders Open!!!!!!!

February 17, 2010
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Something big has happened in the small town of Woking. Yesterday, the strange cylinder that landed almost a week ago has opened! The men from Mars opened up the cylinder from the inside out. These strange creatures have long tentacles supporting their massive bodies. If you ever see one of these, be extremely careful because many deaths have occurred already. We do not know why the Martians are killing, but the government is working on finding an answer.

News 13 has interviewed people who managed to survive the opening of the cylinder. When asked how the Martians were able to kill so many people in so little time one man replied with, “The Martians have a deadly long tube that shoots out a ray of white fire! The fire will destroy anything that stands in its path!”

The government has issued a statement saying all people should stay a long distance away from the cylinder. A small group of soldiers has been called in to eliminate the Martians. It’s too bad the Martians had to be violent and destructive. After tomorrow they will be dead and the people living in Woking should have nothing to worry about.

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