True nightmares

February 16, 2010
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I'm running through a forest trying to escape.Escape what is the real question?I'll I know is of an odd senstation telling me to run.To escape.The only thing I don't know is what?How do you escape something you don't know about?My questions go unanswered.The sun starts to sink behind the maple brown trees.My heart starts to beat faster and faster.Somethings there.Somethings out to get me.A plae white hand grabs me by my waist."Go ahead scream,no one will hear you"the stranger whispers in a velvetey smooth voice.Only I can't scream even though I want to.We were like that for a long time till the moon started to rise above are heads.With the dime light I can see the starnger's face.He isn't a stranger at all,but a dear friends to me."What...what happened to you Jhon?"I ask choking the words out."You already know the answer to that"he replies.He is true in our little villige there is rumor of the plauge.The plauge of vampires.Jhon see's my knowing expression."I want you to join me?"
"Yes!" I choke out.Someone starts shaking my sholders bringing back me back to present day."You ok?"Jhon asks.I nod slowly relizing the dream I had was real.And I was like him.

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