Forever Part 2

February 2, 2010
Jessie and I walked hand in hand threw the halls of Sir Magnolias school for guardians and magical creatures. I was so ecstatic to shed the fancy dress and heels I had to wear for my formal inauguration. I was thrilled to be back in my faded blue jeans, black combat boots and black plain t shirt. The best thing about this school is that the guardians have no dress code. Others like Jessie had to obey an uniform though. He looked strikingly handsome in his midnight blue dress shirt with matching blazer, bright white tie and his black dress pants. His hair was styled briskly over his eyes and he wore a single silver chain around his neck.
The student body big and small was buzzing about my ceremony last week. Most students did not get inaugurated until after graduation but my situation with Jessie was special. Not only was Jessie’s family one of three most powerful magical families of all time. I also have already proved myself worthy by two months ago saving Jessie from a demonic encounter. That adventure almost left me dead, but it would have been worth it for Jessie to live on. He was after all the heir to the Ashford crown, he was one of two Ashford children and his sister Rose was only a small toddler. Which meant Jessie was a sure thing for the crown after his parents death or resignation. Most Ashford’s got higher class guardians. Ones that have trained for years and years and killed many. But Jessie by luck and hard training I became his guardian in the summer.
“People are staring.” I mumbled to him as we past a large group of younger girls, who stopped and made a point to stare and whisper among one another. I was mentally kicking myself for wearing my hair in a pony tail today. Showing off my marks off honor and forever.

“Ignore them.” he murmured squeezing my hand softly as we entered the deans office. We both sat down in red and black leather chairs in front of her oak desk. No sooner did we sit down did Headmistress Rosewood and Dean Sheffield entered the room. Headmistress Rosewood was not what you would expect. When you think of a headmistress you think of someone in their late 50’s. grey hair, glasses on the edge of their nose, more wrinkles then you can count and a stern voice. But ours was shockingly different. Yes Alyssa Rosewood was beautiful. Late 20’s if I am not mistaken. Pale blond hair that hung gracefully to her shoulders, jade green eyes and not a wrinkle in sight. She did however have the glasses. But they always stayed higher then her nose. She gave us both approving smiles as Dean Sheffield sat behind his desk. The dean however was exactly how the headmistress should look. He was an older man with a receding hair line and a gut that hung over his pants, he wore large glasses that would put most nerds to shame and an outfit that resembled Jessie’s.
“Alexandra and Jessie.” it was headmistress Rosewood who spoke first “I’m delighted to see you could make it, I apologize for any trouble this may have caused.” she motioned to the bowl of small orange and red colored candies on the deans desk. When both Jessie and I denied her request she took it upon herself to pop an orange one in her own mouth. “Not at all Headmistress.” I replied politely and crossed my legs. Being around the headmistress always made me feel self conscious in ways I still do not understand to this day.
“Well we have called you in because there is problems with dorm situations.” Dean Sheffield’s voice was crude and bitter as he ruffled threw paper work.
Not meeting our eyes. This was one of many reasons most students would rather be sent to the Headmistresses office then the deans.
“I’m Jessie’s Guardian.” I spoke boldly as I brought my pony tail to the side. Baring my mark in the light “I have to be near him always. Which means I have to live with him.”.
“very true Alexandra.” The dean grumbled “But your guardian-charge relationship is not very common and it’s left us with questions as if you should be living so close while still attending school.”.
“But when I was younger I was taught that once we are assigned a charge, we are supposed to stick by them to make sure they are safe.” I countered and I saw Headmistress Rosewood nod her head in agreement. “Yes but most guardians are also the same gender as their charge.” he motioned among me and Jessie “that is clearly not the case here.”.
“But I’ve seen other guardians share housing with their charges being the not of the same gender.” I stated as Jessie squeezed my hand.
“But they were not romantically involved like you and Jessie are.”

Touché, I thought to myself as I tried to search my brain for another come back. But right as I opened my mouth to speak red and green lights flashed inside the office with a loud siren playing shortly after. Jessie and I covered our ears while The Headmistress and the Dean scrambled. Soon the sirens stopped and Headmistress Rosewood was on the office telephone. I only heard a few “mhms.” and a nod or two and then her voice went grim her normally chipper attitude fell and she set down the receiver.
“What’s wrong?.” Jessie asked as we both stood up. The headmistress looked up at us and her eyes were serious. Her hard line for a mouth barley moved and her voice sounded icy and grave “The school has been attacked. A student has died.” my defensive instincts kicked in and I instantly wrapped my arms around Jessie. This school was supposed to be highly protected. If something has breached that security. Who knows where they could be now.

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SilverLuna said...
Apr. 14, 2010 at 5:23 pm
This was great! I think that this added a kind, well normal element that is intriguing because the first part was so strange. The school setting adds a whole new element. Great Job and always keep writing!
WilloWisp said...
Mar. 10, 2010 at 5:10 pm
Wow, this is awesome! And you left off with suspense! That's a good technique to keep people reading, so keep using it.
AmberAnn_d-_-b said...
Feb. 16, 2010 at 2:53 pm
awesome story pls keep writing
.:Echo:. said...
Feb. 14, 2010 at 6:29 pm
Omg, I really, really love this story! I would LOVE to read more. Your an amazing writer, and I love all of your pieces. Super good job. You should make this a book! Keep writing! :)
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