Earth-Crisis (part three)

February 2, 2010
By ubaga BRONZE, Vanocuver, Washington
ubaga BRONZE, Vanocuver, Washington
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Earth-crisis (part three)

“Conrad! That’s suicide! You’ll get killed! Isn’t there something else you can do?”

“No. They haven’t found our main force yet. If we use all our artillery on the base and guard them with the strike force, the U.C.S. will be forced to send the remaining mechanoids and our main force can move in for an ambush.”

“Conrad, the enemy moves very fast and we already contacted HQ; they don’t have any reinforcements for us. The enemy will crush you!”

They continued arguing until Conrad finally admited, “You’re the only person I have left now! You connect with the main force and lead the assault on the command center! When the enemy gets to my position, I’ll drop the bomb.” Just as Conrad was about to set out for the transport, Reznov wanted one last word with Conrad. “Before you go I wanted to say..." Reznov hesitiated. "Thanks for everything, friend.”

They gave each other a hug and saluted one another. After Reznov left, Conrad headed for the loudspeaker and made the announcement. “Brothers! Now is when we truly serve the Motherland! The enemy will come for us and we must fight until our very last breath. Those who have families to return to have already departed; those of you who have chosen to stay have already earned honor in their deaths; but we will not die in vain my brothers, for the main force hidden behind the base will strike when the enemy is in chaos. It has been an honor serving with you men. We have all lost so much in this battle. Friends, family members, the Colonel - even the Motherland itself. But now we will avenge our fallen loved ones and take back our base! Long live the Eurasian Dynasty and long live the Motherland!” Conrad turned off the loudspeaker and headed to the transport. On the way, he sent out a U.A.V. with a single-megaton-bomb equipped to it. With the plane hovering and the soldiers in place, Conrad was ready to give the order. He had no more regrets like he did before. “Fire,” Conrad uttered over the radio as he looked at his sniper rifle loaded with armor-piercing rounds. He stopped just inside the old base near the barracks and hopped out of the transport near the trees. Screeches fell from the sky as shells hit the ground. It was loud as the artillery fired. Suddenly, an even louder rumbling was heard. Conrad knew that the brutes were coming. Conrad looked through his scope at the incoming enemies. A massive army of enemy troops were headed toward the artillery, leaving an estimated four-hundred units to pick off at their command center. Against Conrad’s main force of over five-thousand, there was no hope for the U.C.S.'s base. If all went well, the anti-aircraft defenses would be on his side, preventing any reinforcements for the U.C.S. from coming. As Conrad thought it through, he heard a bullet come right at him. Conrad’s heart raced as the blue aura-like shield saved his life. At that point, Conrad had knew the battle had begun.

Conrad checked on the U.A.V. through his radar to see if it was in position yet, but he saw that the engine had been damaged and was moving 50% slower and would take another 15 minutes to reach its position. Conrad started giving orders the best he could but he could only hold out for so long. Conrad had two radar maps; one from base to show his units and one enemy radar from a commando mechanoid he had killed during the first takeover. Conrad had an edge, but not enough to defeat an enemy unit with so much insurmountable strength. His only option was to use the bomb to send them into chaos. “Right flank! Grenades! Thirty degrees north! The enemy trench!”

“Sir! Yes, sir!” The soldiers shouted while trusting their arms into the air, the grenades going off. When pieces of shrapnel hit invisible objects, chunks of metal started to be revealed.

“It’s a hit, sir!”

That takes care of their stealth units, but we still need to deal with their Silver III units, Conrad thought to himself as he looked at how much time was left. Only five minutes left. "Shadow Squad! 3 o' clock! Ten seconds, through the wall!” The soldiers loaded their guns, aimed at the wall and after ten seconds, their bullets tore through the wall and the robots' armor was ripped to pieces. “One minute left!” Conrad shouted. Suddenly, Reznov's squad called in.

“Sir, a heavy android has entered the battlefield!” A soldier cried out. Conrad glared at him and talked into the radio.

“Stay calm and get behind cover. Where is it?”

“It's two miles north and one mile west of the base.

“Understood. Just stay calm and wait untill I tell you to move.” Conrad aimed carefully and barked his order. “Throw it, now!” A soldier tossed a grenade and a suddenly visible Silver III Unit jumped back to evade it. Conrad saw his chance and made the shot. The Silver can’t move about in the air! Conrad thought. His plan worked and the android was hit. A big crack in its red shiel began to fall; like broken glass taken in slow motion and disappearing into smaller and smaller pieces until it was invisible to the naked eye. Conrad looked again and saw the android's neck had been hit, liquid gushing out and soon, it was reduced to a husk that no longer could pose a threat. Conrad shot the android's arms to disable its weapons, keeping the other enemies from using them. Sparking and mangled, its limbs could not be salvaged. Conrad checked the U.A.V. on his radar again and he concluded that the time had come. He slowly took out the switch as thoughts went faster than he could process. He could barely aim because he was too nervous to even look at the remote. Conrad closed his eyes and pressed the button and a click is heard. “It’s been released. Be brave, brothers.” The soldiers turned toward Conrad and saluted him. In the distance, Reznov's voice pervaded the sudden silence. “That’s the signal. Move! Move! Move!”

The E.D. eventually took the base successfully. After that, Reznov attended Conrad’s funeral, always repeating, “Conrad Kurkov has proved his worth.” After Reznov had heard that the L.C. and U.C.S. had made an alliance, he knew that the war had only just begun.

The author's comments:
the final part of my story

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