Earth-Crisis (part two)

February 2, 2010
By ubaga BRONZE, Vanocuver, Washington
ubaga BRONZE, Vanocuver, Washington
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Conrad had awakened to a shock. Part of the room was demolished and there was chaos everywhere. Conrad was still woozy and was in shock. Hearing not the screaming but the beating of his own heart getting faster and faster, he finally came to his senses and ran, grabbing his enhanced sniper rifle he fitted himself. Conrad finally made it to a large hill overlooking the camp and he scoped in to see what was happening.

Soldiers screaming in agony; others yelling; some hiding; bullets flying. “Mechanoids?! Blast! The U.C.S. is attacking!”

Conrad started aiming and picking off the armored enemies and was doing well when he suddenly felt that something was wrong. He turned around and saw what appeared to be a heavy android; a humanoid-looking robot that carried a large machine gun. Suddenly, everything went into slow motion and Conrad’s heart was racing. The android's gun jammed and Conrad saw his chance. He pulled out his knife, raced towards the monster and thrust the knife into its rigid, metal neck. Its blue glowing eyes started to faded as he lost consciousness and fell to his knees.

Conrad remembered what he had learned in boot camp; all types of androids have hydraulic fluid lines going to their necks. Conrad knew that stabbing it there would disable it. At that moment Conrad seized his opportunity and took its shield generator and put it on himself. He turned it on and a red bubble surrounded him and then faded.

Conrad had also found a radar system in its head and attached it to his own, amplifying its signal. Conrad could now see all his allies and the other enemies. I might be able to win this, Conrad thought. He took out his communicator and radioed to his allies to see who was still there. “Hello? Can anyone hear me? Please! Respond!”

“This Ivan here, over.”

“This is Reznov. I’m here.”

“Thank goodness! Ivan you and your men go south and take cover behind the barracks; the enemy will follow you and Reznov’s team will flank them from both sides.” The enemy squadron followed as he had planned and Reznov’s group quickly ambushed them. A hail of bullets rained down on the area and destroyed about twenty-five of the fifty-or-so enemy droids.

Conrad continued giving orders and the momentum started to shift in his favor. Suddenly, Reznov came over the radio.

"Conrad, an enemy drop ship has arrived. We don't have enough men to keep this up." He spoke calmly; as if it were a minor problem. Conrad a retreat to a small town called Berdychiv until they could get their own reinforcements.

As Conrad and his troops headed towards the town, Reznov heard something strange. At first he thought it was just the animals, but he felt a tinge of familiarity. “Stop. A group of gun droids are headed here. Get down and don’t move - no matter what!”

The droids passed through slowly; looking for signs of life. Suddenly, Ivan coughed and the gun droids immediately turned around and fired in his direction. Conrad tried to get up but Reznov caught him before he was noticed. Reznov looked at Conrad and shook his head slowly. Conrad knew Reznov was right, but he wanted to destroy the fiends that had attacked his comrade.

After the droids passed, Conrad got up and rushed to Ivan. Conrad checked for signs of life, but it too late; Ivan was dead. “Crap! Someone pick up the body! He deserves a proper burial, at least.” Reznov goes up to Conrad to talk to him. “I know it’s unlike me to say this, but are you okay, Conrad? He was your squad mate and you barely seem shaken up about it,” he said. Conrad looked at him. He seemed on the verge of tears.

“I’m okay. I’ll have to deal with it later; right now we need to get to that town and prepare to take back the base.”

They finally made it to the town; an almost desolate place with starving people. Conrad's anger at the U.C.S. grew.

After a month, the whole city was a booming military installation. Conrad went to the control room to hear the new intelligence his men had gathered. Conrad was now a captain. For his heroism and leadership during the takeover at the Ukraine National Army Base, he was given a steel cross; the highest medal an E.D. soldier could get.

Conrad learned that the U.C.S. had designed some new type of anti-aircraft technology that no E.D. bomber could get past. A ground assault was the only option. I'll just lead an attack, most likely, he thought.

During the meeting, a gruff-looking man came in with grim news for Conrad. “Colonel Dimitri and Sergeant Smith are still missing and considered armed and dangerous. He seemed to be the one who gave such critical information about the Ukraine base,” he whispered. Conrad sighed. “There’s more - about your wife; she disappeared about the same time as the Colonel and is also suspected of treason.” He spoke cautiously; Conrad was his superior officer.

“I see.” Said Conrad.

”Well, I should attend this matter then." Conrad stood up. "Excuse me, gentlemen.” Conrad left to a private room for more details.

Walking down the hallway, Conrad questioned the gruff man. "Are you saying Sylvia is a spy?”

“It appears so, sir.”

“Blast it! I loved her!" He paused. "But I guess she didn’t love me back. First Ivan, then Dimitri, Smith and now Sylvia? Almost all my friends and family are now dead or spies. This is not what I expected when I joined the army.”

“I’m sorry, sir.”

“It's alright. But now there’s something I need to do to win this battle.” Conrad had thought up a plan of attack; a risky one. After much deliberation in the control room, the field officers finally conceded to Conrad’s plan. As he walked to the barracks to inform Reznov, he remembered all the good times he ever had in his life; from before the disaster, with his family to the present day, with his best friend Reznov.

Based on new intelligence, the enemy was going to get more reinforcements soon. If they were not slowed soon, they would start taking more bases in the surrounding area. The E.D. had very little troops compared to the U.C.S. armies. Conrad left with Reznov and lead a small force with artillery five miles from the base. During the travel, Reznov asked anxiously, “So Conrad, what’s the plan?”

"You’ll have to hook up with the main force.” Conrad said.

“But why can't I stay and fight with you?” Reznov objected.

“Let me tell you the whole plan.” Conrad explained the plan in vivid detail.

The author's comments:
the second part to my story

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