My Wolf

February 2, 2010
By Sierra(: BRONZE, S. China, ME, Maine
Sierra(: BRONZE, S. China, ME, Maine
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They circled each other, low growls escaping their chests. My heart stuttered. It was hard to believe that the wolf that had saved me could act like so violent looking. My wolf hung his head low, gazing only at his enemy. His eyes screamed murder. He wanted this other wolf eliminated. And he wanted to kill him. There were two of them, two wolves. My wolf and another. They were going to fight to the death.

I was horrified. It was like I was in a scary movie. Or a repulsing dream. It couldn't be real.

There was a time where this forest, the trees that were now covered in snow, had seemed like home to me. The little, innocent creatures and the big, terrifying ones who lived here had been like brethren. The soft smell of snow falling had always been peaceful, sacred.

But not now.

My world had been turned up-side-down. The beautiful fantasy land that this forest had once been was now a battle station, waiting for the first wolf to fall.

I wouldn't let my wolf be the first one to fall. Even if it killed me.

Part of me screamed, run away! Are you crazy? These wolves are about to kill each other! Get out of here! But most of me screamed, stay. You need to see this. You have to be there for him. I could hear the foul snarl coming from the other wolf, his dark chocolate brown coat seeming to stand up at his anger. He bared his teeth and took a look at me. His eyes were almost as dark as his fur. Bottomless, endless, loveless. It scared me beyond words. The look in his black eyes...the hatred. I never thought something could hate me so much.

As he looked at me, my wolf snarled as well, his grey coat raising like static electricity. I could feel the hairs stand up on the back of my neck as he took a step forward and opened his big, scary mouth to reveal tons of razor sharp teeth. They were like a thousand sharp, white knives. The dark wolf snapped his eyes away from me and back to my wolf, the hatred still there along with the murder and fire that was in my wolf's eyes. I backed away a little, only to take it again to get a closer look.

Then, without warning, my wolf pounced.

My wolf lunged at the dark wolf's neck, clamping down in a scary way. It was as if he was a chew toy. The dark wolf whimpered and crumpled, but he soon got up and twisted out of my wolf's grasp. He jumped on his hind legs and clawed at my wolf's face. My wolf didn't back down, though, and he bit the dark wolf's leg.

My stomach churned as I saw the red crimson blood seeping out of the dark wolf's leg, and also out of my wolf's face. I saw double, four wolves instead of two. It was hard to keep watching, but I did. I had to.

Then, finally ending the whole battle, my wolf clamped down on the dark wolf's neck, and ripped out his throat.

The white snow was stained in blood, and the woods fell silent.

I literally fell to my knees in shock. I felt the snow soak through the fabric covering my legs. That was the worst thing I had ever seen in my life. I closed my eyes tightly, trying to get the disgusting images out of my head forever.

When I finally opened me eyes, I saw my wolf staring back at me. His face bloody, but his eyes still the vibrant blue that they had always been.

I reached my hand up and stroked his face, no longer frightened of him like I had been earlier. He was my wolf. He always would be.

Then, a small smile seeming to appear on his face, my wolf threw back his head and howled to the moon and the stars in victory.

~The End~

The author's comments:
The book, "Shiver," inspired this. It's an amazing book. You should read it. Now. (:

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