Immortal love

February 1, 2010
I sighed as I walked to my guarding duties. Again I have to keep those stupid fan girls from the vampire’s. They seriously couldn’t get any more pathetic then falling in love with what they can’t have. Not like the vampire’s even care about them. I carried my swords with me. I always needed something to get them back to there dorms.
I reached the vampire dorms. There was already a large crowd.
Jayne was shoved out of the crowds. “Thank god you’re here Sapphire.” Capa said. I smiled and climbed a tree. How else was I goanna get to the front? I jumped over the crowd. Everyone watched as I flew over there heads. I landed gracefully on the balls of my feet. I turned to the group and drew my swords. “Back to the dorms girls. You know the drill. Anyone not in there dorms in 5 minutes is good as dead” I hissed. They all groaned and began to evacuate. The gates opened. “Dang!” I hissed. The vampires were coming out. The girls shrieked with excitement. I growled. “Get moving before I slice your heads off” I screamed. They all shut up and quickly evacuated.
Capa laughed and walked over to me. “You’re so funny Sapphire.” Capa laughed. “This is the worst job ever. Not like the vampire’s need our help to get to there classes. Not like were ever thanked or anything.” I hissed. I shoved my swords back into the cases on my belt. Capa laughed. “Yeah” she said.
We began to walk but one of the vampire’s caught up to us. I knew him well. Ludicrous Stone. The head master’s of the school’s son. I groaned. “Hey Sapphire” he said. I sighed and drew my sword. “Capa we have practice” I said. She shrieked. “Oh no I forgot! Come on hurry!” she shrieked. We ran off leaving Ludicrous with a smug look on his face.

“Are you sure you don’t want to walk back with me?” Capa asked. “No I want to practice some more. I’m still less then good.” I said brightly. I quickly added a bright smile. “Alright. I’ll leave the door unlocked for you” she said. I nodded. She smiled and ran off.
After she was out of sight I threw my sword threw the heart of the dummy I had been using. “Dang those vampire’s” I hissed. I threw my other sword threw the heart of a dummy a lot farther away. I pulled my first sword out of the heart and sliced the head off the dummy. “Stupid vampires” I hissed. I walked over to my second sword and sliced the head off the second dummy. Straw flew with the wind as it hissed around in the night. I turned and sliced the head off the dummy with a quick slash of my sword. “Dang them” I hissed. I turned and sliced off the head of another dummy. “Dang them” I yelled.
I ran threw the many field randomly chopping off the heads of the dummies with as much furry as a bull seeing red. “Dang them!” I kept screaming as my sword continued to slice the heads off the dummies. I finally cut the head off the last dummy and stopped slicing. I took an uneasy breath. I was so tired.
Suddenly I heard a stick break. I turned around and charged at who ever it was. My swords ready to slice threw anything. It was Ludicrous. I continued to charge at him. He watched me with a scared look on his face. When I was just about to reach him I ran around behind him and held my sword right in front of his neck. My arm around his chest from behind. “Why are you here vampire?” I hissed. “You looked angry.” He said.
I sighed and dropped my sword. “What do you want?” I asked. “I wanted you to join me tomorrow night for a party in the vampire dorms. I’m sure you are familiar with the vampire ball.” He said. “No thanks” I said. He sighed. “You don’t like me do you?” he asked. “What gave that away? The fact that I would have sliced your head off with hesitation or the fact that I ignore you all the time?” I hissed. He sighed. “Why?” he asked. “I hate all you vampire’s.” I hissed. “You don’t know us Sapphire” he said. I smiled evilly. “Oh I know you vampires.” I said as if it were a joke. “No you don’t Sapphire. You know nothing about us and you know that” he said. “What do you know about me” I yelled at him. Furry stretched across my face as I glared at his face. He smiled. “More then you think” he said.
I looked at him, now confused. “What could you possibly know about me?” I asked leaning back against the dummy again. “I know vampire’s murdered your parents a few years ago. I know you’ve held a grudge ever since. I know the academy is your life for the time being. I know you have no family. I know you took up sword fighting to kill us all. I know that you hate me. I know you hate almost everyone, even the humans. I know Capa is your only friend at this school. I know you hate dresses. I know you hate dancing. I know you hate formal events. I know you hate the school uniforms because you have to wear a skirt. I know you hate soda because it’s fizzy and caffeinated. I know you prefer to be alone most of the time. I know those swords were given to you from your father’s possessions. I know you stay on campus for Christmas because you have no home to go home to. I know you cry a lot when you’re alone. I know you come here to take out your rage on the world with your swords. I know all too much about you Sapphire” he said. I half smiled as a tear ran down my face. “Why are you doing this?” I asked softly trying to keep my voice steady. He smiled. “Because I like you a lot Sapphire. You may turn me off but I know if I was human you would think differently of Me.” he said. I looked at him. How did he know that?
“Why does it matter if I’m a vampire?” he asked. I looked at him. “Because you’re deadly creatures created to kill us all. I will never fall for someone who was only brought to this world to kill others.” I whispered softly. I didn’t mean the words I said. I just went with my beliefs.
“You’re lying” he said. I looked at him. My tears had stopped falling. “How did you know?” I asked sheepishly. “I didn’t” he laughed. I frowned then looked back up at the stairs. “Fine. I will join you for this ball thing.” I said. He jumped up. “Excellent” he said. He held out his hand to me. I stared at his hand for a while then looked nervously up at him. “Sapphire I would never hurt you” he said. I nervously took his hand. He gently pulled me up. I tripped on my foot as I stood up and fell into him.
I looked nervously up at him and noticed how close we were. His eyes peered into mine keeping me in a trance. I gripped his shirt harder and pulled myself onto my feet. After I regained my balance I realized I was staring into his eyes again. He smiled.
I slid closer into his arms and kissed him. His warm arms slid around me. For a freezing vampire he was so warm. The adrenaline that came from a vampire kiss apparently was true. I suddenly couldn’t pull away.
I could taste his sharp fangs with my tongue. They were sort of a turn on. My hand slid along his neck and his up chest deciding where was a perfect spot for them since I had no idea. His arms got tighter around me. I gripped his shirt and pulled closer to him. His arms were no longer gentle around me. One of his arms slid around the back of my neck and the other gripping my side tightly. Suddenly we hit the ground. Apparently Ludicrous had done that on purpose. He moaned in pleasure as I slid my hands threw his hair. I was in pure pleasure.
How the heck had I went from wanting to kill him to this but I wasn’t goanna object. I take back all I’ve said about the vampire’s. All of it. All that mattered right now was us. Here. Now. I loved him. I now knew I did. How much I loved him I wasn’t sure yet but it wouldn’t take that long to find out.
I bit my lip. Ludicrous smiled up at me. “Wow” we whispered together. I laid my head against his chest. He smiled and slid his arms around me. “Thank you” I whispered. “For what?” he asked confused. “I don’t know. Everything. Nothing. I guess for ignoring my hatred towards you. Looks like you broke that barrier. I’m glad you did” I said. He smiled. “So do I” he chuckled. I sighed. “I better go. Capa’s probably waiting for me.” I said. “She’s not but your right. You should go. I think my friends are goanna start looking for me soon” he said. I nodded and got up.
I began to turn to leave but Ludicrous grabbed my hand. “Or we could go back to my dorm” he said. I laughed and took the few steps back to him. “Not tonight Ludicrous. You and I both know that’s a terrible idea. Besides I’m sure the rest of the vampire’s will catch my scent on the grounds. It is forbidden for our kind to be together so keep that in mind. This isn’t goanna be easy although I wish it would be. Vampires aren’t so post to be with humans. For all the vampire’s known they could think your using me as a midnight snack. Let’s be quiet about this for now. When it’s seems alright then we’ll tell someone but for now this must be a secret. You know what will happen to me for making out with a vampire.” I warned. “Stupid vampire students” he mumbled. I took his face in my hands forcing him to look at me. “Relax. Just for a little while. Besides I have that ball to go to with you. I guess I can handle wearing an elegant dress if I can get my hands on one. You just be careful. Tell your friends that the only reason I decided to go with you was because my friends put me up to it or something like that. What ever you think will go over the best with your friends but no one can know about this.” I warned.
“Now I really have to go. It’s almost midnight.” I said quickly glancing at my watch. He sighed. “Alright” he said. I kissed him quickly. “Good night” I said then began to run off.

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monstrosity said...
Feb. 21, 2010 at 4:33 pm
Not to sound rude or anything, but it's a bit thick to go on and on about how amazing you are. Just saying. Also, to greatly improve your writing, you could try alternating your sentence lengths. It's veeeeerrrrrrrry boring and choppy to read when all of your sentences are the same.
monstrosity replied...
Feb. 21, 2010 at 4:37 pm
All things said, it's a very enticing story, although it reminds me a little too much of Twilight (though I don't think that was your intention).
idcwhatcoloritis replied...
Feb. 23, 2010 at 2:54 pm
it wasn't my attention. Thank you for commenting! *smiles brightly*
monstrosity replied...
Feb. 23, 2010 at 8:46 pm
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