The Tribe

January 31, 2010
By wolf13 SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
wolf13 SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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"to kill two birds with one stone" i like it because I'm always trying to finish two things at once.

The electricity went out and I moved from the couch to the desk. The thunder rumbled and shook the house. I got out my moms lighter and lite the night candles. I went to the window in my room after. The room was dark but outside was lighting with lightning and darkening right after. My window in my room slanted with the top of the window slanting inward and the bottom of my window extended outward. The rain flowed down the window like many little rivers.

I looked off the mountains. I saw the river of the mountains as well. The storm grew more and more wild about half an hour later. My mom called on the cell phone my sister and I would use in case of an emergency.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hello Geode! I'm going to be running a bit late! You can run around the mountains for a bit! But stay in the reservation! Please don't wonder off the reservation!” my mother asked me.

“Okay! Not tonight!”

“Okay. Thank you, Geode!”

She hung up.

I got ready to go out onto the mountains. I never really listened to my mother, but maybe I should this time.

I left the family emergency phone at home. I set out for the higher mountain. It was scarey up there but it was such a thrill.

I walked up the mountain and stayed on the roads. The roads were filled with water and soon turned into a trail. I ran up the trail and it came up to my favourite place in the whole mountain. The ridge in the trail! Then I remembered that I forgot to tell my mom about the power out-age. Well she'll find out.

The thunder grew more wild and the lightning flashed across the sky like a razor blade, then the wind blew my hair everywhere. I began to run up the ridge of the next trail. I got to the top of the next mountain. But I wasn't done yet. This wasn't the highest mountain. I had another climb up another mountain. It wasn't that far. I ran more and got to my second favourite part of the mountain. An other ridge. I ran up the ridge and jumped up and down when I got to the top. I was waiting for the rest of the tribe I was with to get here.

Four different women ran up the second ridge and jumped up and down like an animal in joy!

“Where are the boys!?” one of the girls asked me, called Lowno.

“They'll be here pretty soon, Lowno!” I said.

“How soon?”an other member of the group asked me. That was Moth.

Right after Moths question, the boys ran up the ridge and jumped up and down as we all did.

“Yay! We're all here now, right?” I asked the seven member tribe.


We all grabbed hands and jumped off the mountains turning into the wolves we were!!!

The author's comments:
I found out the I had native american in me and this story is what I spat out for you!

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