Broken Away from America

January 29, 2010
By choffs BRONZE, Fonda, New York
choffs BRONZE, Fonda, New York
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Broken Away from America


We messed up. We let too much happen. This is the year 2255. Now you may think we are so high tech because of the year, but don’t let that fool you everything turned around since what happened in !)!@ we called it “The Fresh Start”. We are still more high tech than ever but think what it could have been. I’m heading to California to look for terrorist that we fought in California from WWIII that was fought in 2133 and won in 2235. California is now a warzone ever since it broke apart from America and it caused a war to start. It started when we won the war in Iraq in 2013 the Afghanistan’s never forgave us for winning. They used California as a warzone because it was the easiest spot to attack with are weakest army there. Its hard to guard a place that gets many earthquakes.


My job is to go to California and look for the terrorist, but one day I landed without expecting to land. I was on my way home to leave California and while airborne the plane made a huge explosion noise and the next thing I knew I was lying in a

foggy wasteland. I figured it was California instantly when I saw a casino. I figured out that I was in Vegas when I found another. In these days planes aren’t meant to crash the are made to use gravity as an advantage. So I don’t have any idea how I crashed. I decided to walk around and find a sturdy enough shelter. So much got destroyed during “The Fresh Start” in California. while I was walking I heard a noise behind me I turn around and find a survivor on the ground trying to get some air but also trying to tell me something. He said there coming.

“The terrorists are coming! The terrorist are coming!” The man cries. I had too many questions to ask him about how he survived but decided to ask later. We run into an abandoned house it looks like his house because he seems to know where everything is. He eventually tells me this is his house and tells me how he survived. Also he tells me where the terrorist hide and there plan to blow up America using a N.U.B ( nuclear unstable Bomb). I tried to get a hold of the U.S. army but there was no answer except for the emergency pickup and drop off helicopter, they said they will be right there with a couple of marines. I look for the base to see where they hide and when I got closer there was a small noise that hit the ground I looked at the spot where the noise was and there was a bullet. It was a sniper! I ran back to the house knowing that I could have been shot. I thought about the emergency drop off ship, and thinking when are they coming! I wait until they arrive and they ask me questions about the terrorist. They asked me where the terrorist were and I told the army about the sniper and the base. When we finish talking they gave me a gun. I didn’t want to fight but If it’s for my life then I guess I have too.

Me and the rest of the army had into the base and we use stealth as much as possible so the terrorist don’t speed up the time of the bomb. Well until we eventually got caught by a huge group of guards, now its war. I hid because I thought what if we lost and they blew America up. I looked when I stopped hearing gun fire and no one was left no terrorist no army nobody. So I made my way to the bomb room and there were 10 seconds left there was a red button and I pressed it……

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