Apocolyptic Orchestra

February 8, 2010
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Softly, a small tinkling sound echos through the empty land. It cries out, as the last reminder of a civilization that once was. In a quiet tinny voice it calls out to the skies that had been inhabited by birds not but one hundred years ago. The barren and scarred land scape that stretches underneath the grayed sky is all that's left of a once great race. The small machine repeats it's solemn song in a calm, keening melody. As the melody plays, a hazy dust cloud drifts across the ground causing another small machine to whir into action, buzzing as its circuits make sense of the sudden interruption of the long gone child's rest. As the two machines join in a harmony to appease an invisible master, a lonely dog trots up, one of the few survivors in this wasteland. The dog barks and whines, recognizing the mechanical voice as one similar to that which used to feed him. As the obtrusive noise continues, yet another loud humming sound fills the humid air as an android stands up scolding tersely, it echos acidly “The baby is trying to sleep, bad dog!” a loud pop can be heard, and the robot's head lolls to the side, and a quieter “b-ba-ad d-d-dogg.” are the last words the rust trap records before a small blinking light can be read on the tin maid's chest plate “Battery is low, please charge.” it blinks in a friendly way.

The tinkling of the lullaby machine's sounds die away after a while, a final goodnight echoes over the land and as suddenly as it had come, all singing ceases for a long, painful moment before a quiet recording of a mothers voice echoes over the land. “See you in the morning my child.” Promising a sweet awakening that never came. The robots buzz on. A never ending symphony.

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kressbe said...
Feb. 19, 2010 at 7:12 pm
Whoah. Cool future. I like the line: "it blinks in a friendly way."
Cool title too (because it's makes sense not just because Apocolyptica is awesome)
Look at my short story Saturday if you can! It's my attempt at future writing.
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