F.S.A Part 3

January 29, 2010
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We all shifted uneasily in our seats. After 10 minutes of silence though, I had had just about enough. “C’mon people we have to do something, none of us want our first day to be a disaster. We have to show them that we can do this and that we aren’t useless and that we aren’t all talk and no show,” shouted Stephanie. Anna and Dylan both turned their heads to look at her, but otherwise still in total silence. Stephanie gave up and slumped on to the desk. This is impossible, she thought, how I can complete this assignment all by myself. Those thugs infiltrating us could be sucking all the power right now and we must think of a way to prevent that.
“I have a feeling that we need a plan to complete this mission successfully. A flawless plan that is,” mumbled someone behind me. Instinctively turning my head back I exclaimed angrily, “well what do you have in mind then.” The person talking to me was Anna. Dylan had slouched out of his seat and was ambling towards us. Soon enough, we had a reasonable enough plan. Anna specialized in her brains while Dylan specialised his athletic fitness. Stephanie on the other up the other hand was an all rounder.
Soon enough, Dylan was in the field and having a contact with Anna who was hacking her way into the school security cameras. Stephanie was in the computer lab with Stephanie busy analysing the situation on the computers and reporting to Anna what was happening. Soon enough, Anna had located the perpetrator and was tracking him down. I on the other hand was screaming into the terrible walkie talkie which we had found. The thing was in such a bad state that even with me screaming, the word right Dylan would think there was a blinding light. Luckily, he would work it out in the end soon cornered the perpetrator into a room and was about to strike in order to take him down when the intruder pulled of his mask.
“Very good,” said the teacher, “You have gotten me fair and square and I must say, all of you make a very fine young team. Congratulations, you have all passed your exams.” Stephanie was so relieved and grateful that she fainted!
By the time she had woken up and the teacher had explained everything, they had all found out a great deal of things. Like the teacher was known as Walter and ran the school. The final exam was totally rigged. For instance, the It staff allowed access of Anna’s hacking and might have been able to prevent it. The walkie talkie was not at all bad quality but had been tampered with.
Night had almost fallen and by the time she had gotten home, her mother asked, “did you have a good day dear?” “Sure,” answered Stephanie, “I’m part of the F.S.A now.”

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TamiCoustic said...
Aug. 8, 2010 at 7:46 am
nyc. it is awesome. jst read evrything. totally off the hook
HeadshotM replied...
Aug. 9, 2010 at 12:36 am


thanks! that's the most positive feedback i've received in a long time!

HeadshotM said...
Feb. 9, 2010 at 4:15 am
wish someone could comment
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