Glimmer of Hope?

January 23, 2010
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Late-night laughter on a city street always makes her nervous. Ever since the incredulous event she witnessed that took her mothers life. Any late-night sound startles her to the core. Her heart took off and her breath could never catch up. Soon the weight of her head was gone, in came a premonition of what was to come! Trouble and terror she knew was to find her.
Seeing the dark figures slump as they wander aimlessly down the dark poor-lit road brought back petrifying memories. Memories, one tries to forget. Franticly gasping for air. She scurries like an ant, searching for light and shelter. The dark continually tripping her up! She herself, questioning her own sanity.
The alleys they taunt her, spiking her curiosity, but fear over powers. Wondering if things will be different this time. The series of wretched events of which she had taken part in continually slam any good thought! “Depression! Is that what has consumed me?” She wonders as she stares down the now vacant street. She once was a good person but that was once! Everyone can choose for the better. The truth of “what’s lost is lost forever” rings strong in her ears. “Can I be found in the dark of which I hide but, yet I fear?” she inquires. So many questions but so few answers. Who can answer them. “I need eyes to see, but I need light to accompany them. But I just don't have either!” she continues down this lonely road with no one apparent to accompany her. She’s now the dark figure slumping as she walks aimlessly down the street. The way the tables have turned. She used to be the one on the inside looking out at those who fall and get shoved out of society. Now she is the one on the outside trying to look in but can’t, due to the overwhelming darkness. The attacks of the dark startle her but she knows not from where they come. She needs to be saved!
She hears stirring and then a blood curdling shill behind her. Another attack is nipping at her heals. She feels it gaining on her. Unsure of what’s happening her pace quickens. Sweat beading on her brow. In the dead silence of the darkness, she finds herself screaming at the thought of another horrific assault. As her voice ceases to sound, there’s a rustling and then silence. The silence almost frightens her more than the sound of the attacker. Quiet, quick, movements as of ones in a fight, is the sound that meets her ear now. As she’s running down the dark and lonely road she feels she has a choice. To continue to run and hopefully find someone to help save her, or she can turn back the way she had once walked! Of which should she chose? Only one provides a glimmer of hope for safety and survival! Wishing she had more time to contemplate this life defining decision she continues to run, away from what seems to be the means of another attack.
She can feel something breathing down her neck. And just when she thinks all hope is lost, that's when she sees it! A light, burning through the darkness. A ray of hope. She runs even faster now. Unsure of what the light may be. Only knowing anything can be better than living in such fear as hell. The attackers hiss and warn her saying that “things will never be the same.” The taunts ride on her weary nerves. Telling her no good can come out of the light, but the truth. She wonders what’s so bad about the truth? Can’t the truth be freeing? The truth wasn't always bad. She can only hope! With what little hope she has left. As she turns up the walk way she can see the light only steps ahead. The tall wood doors wide open beckoning her to enter. She enters still quivering from the series of events that have been tormenting her all along. She walks in and is grabbed from behind. A hand is over her mouth and she is told not to struggle, that she is safe and has nothing to fear. The attacks have been real but the rustling curious fear that's followed her is not one from the dark. It is THE one from the light wanting her to be safe from the vicious members of the dark. The warfare between the despair of the dark and the hope of the light is endless. But one always knows where to find peace and rest, safety, security, and a strong fortress in which to hide from the war. Running from the light only results in fear of the light. Along with the worlds words of “what’s lost is lost forever.” They seem so glum, and have never seemed as such a lie. The light has always been following her. There’s been one and only one who has kept her from getting devoured by the monstrosities she’s known that wish to destroy. Riding the line of what is good and wholesome, and what was fun, but has the means of destruction has always been her problem. When she is released she sees the one who has not only been the cause of the rustling and prevention of the attack that was so near, but has always loved her and been with her at all times. Good and Bad. She stares absorbing his beauty. His eyes were so sad and pure, his face so warm and loving.This man has no life beyond loving her. He lies now on the ground silently wallowing in pain. She almost feels guilty for being the cause of his suffering, and possibly his life. The love he’s had for her caused him to risk it all and just for her. The blood from his hands, feet and side flows ever so freely. He looks up from where he lays and says to her, “By my blood you are saved.” Tears sting her wind burned cheeks as they flow with no stopping, for she knows he is gone. He loved her with everything he had, including his last breath. In the midst of this, she realizes the worst is behind her, for now! The sun is breaking over the horizon, a new day is coming and with that a renewed hope!

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