Remember Part One

January 31, 2010
By midnight_dreamer BRONZE, Ames, Nebraska
midnight_dreamer BRONZE, Ames, Nebraska
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"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today."

This is definitely not my home. It would appear so by looking at it from a distance, but as you zoom in and take the little things into account you will come to the same conclusion, something has happened, something out of this world.

In the town I call home, the adults have faded into the back of our minds as they are no where to be found. The town is a town of teenagers. Reckless, rebellious, random teenagers. At first the youth questioned this new revelation, but as time went on the way things once were trapped in a closet of memories within themselves. The routines they once endured every day became obscure. Do they work? No. Do they go to school? No. Do they question their new civilization? No. They don’t question the disappearance of the adults. They don’t question the non-aging factor. What do they question? What should I eat today? Who should I hang out with? What do I question? Why do I remember? Why do I question? Why am I unaffected? What happened?

As the mindless citizens skateboard, sleep, play video games, etc. I awaken every morning and search. Search for clues. Search for answers. After I eat my breakfast of whatever I can find that day I journey to the government global positioning building. Within the building is a large computer that uses satellites to scan the world. The adults once used it to scan for “America’s Most Wanted”, missing children, celebrities, etc. I use it to search for any adults. To search for any teens. But it seems that outside of our town there is nothing. Life is void. Except for a few towns, small towns of each country. Why would teens survive of remote towns, places many people had never heard of. What about New York or Paris? Those are the towns an individual would think people would survive in. But then again did we survive? Nothing happened. We just woke up one morning to find everything different.

I leave the building feeling empty, but yet still stubborn. I will not give up. It’s not in me to give up. Never has been, never will be. I may be alone. But I’m stronger then ever. I travel downtown to the high school, a place that has been abandoned, a place I once dreamed of working in some day. I walk down the corridors. I once believed that it was because I felt more secure here then any other place, then I noticed something about a week ago while traveling down the history hall, something was different here. It wasn’t shut down like every other building teens deemed useless. How I failed to notice I don’t know. The power still ran. The kitchen still smelt of burnt fiestadas. The last meal I suffered through in our dinky little cafeteria. Now I wonder the halls in search of an answer to a new mystery. Perhaps I’m just hallucinating. No I’m not. I feel it my gut. I’m suppose to be here, almost like I’ve been summoned here by an invisible force with power of great magnitude.

The author's comments:
This is a dream that I had for about three nights, it came in chunks.

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