Inhumane Humanity

January 31, 2010
By Anonymous

“She’s waking up!” I hear my “father” say excitedly as I open my eyes just a slit. Groggily I sit up and look around me. I have woken up often in this room, all white with similar machinery to that of a hospital. I try to remember what brought me to this room. The image that appears in my mind is that of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, the stars of “The Notebook”.
I ache all over. Suddenly it dawns on me, my guardians have carried out their experiment. Without even asking how I feel my “father” says
“Get up! Let’s test this!” His eyes gleam with excitement. Slowly I face myself of the board on which I was placed whilst unconscious. They have already set up a way of testing. I feel what must be equivalent of the urge to throw up (I have nor never will throw up thanks to my guardians) when I see the contraption.
My parents usher me into a chair and strap my lower arm onto the arm of the chair which is designed to turn fully around. Wordlessly my father turns on the chair.
I hear a sickening crunch as my bone cracks and the arm of the chair completes its circle. Before I feel any pain a sort of buzzing starts around my elbow, where the bone broke. It sounds like a horde of bees swarming around.
When I finally manage to look at my arm it is exactly as it was. My “father” nods then says aloud;
“We have to find some way to stop the noise.” I am just relieved that it worked. My guardians did not even bother considering what would have happened if the test hadn’t succeeded.
Forgetting me completely they exit the room leaving me to unstrap myself. There is an alarm clock on the stand near the chair, 17:00. I look at the day. It’s already Saturday! It was Thursday when I last conscious. Frantically I run to my bedroom and fling open the door to my cupboard quickly choosing an outfit for Tracy’s party.
Half an hour later I am standing on her doorstep ringing the doorbell. I can already hear the music coming from inside. On the doorstep there is a copy of today’s newspaper. There is a picture of my guardians at one the conferences that they spoke at, on the cover. It is obvious that my “parents” have already told the world about their plans.
Tracy opens the door and I see her face lighten up immediately making me happy that I came.
“I thought you weren’t going to make it.” She remarks as she stands aside to let me in. I apologise for not bringing a present and she responds with an understanding look. We walk into the living room which has a nightclub atmosphere going on. The shades are drawn and the furniture pushed out of the way living an empty space in the centre now filled with my classmates who turn in my direction. They are all surprised to see me actually attending a party something that has not happened in the last 2 years. There is a hush in the room as people do not know how to react.
“Hey we can test how the bone thing works” says Kurt Ross the most popular boy in my grade. Everyone advances toward me as if awoken from a trance. People start grabbing my body and the next thing I know there are snapping sounds followed by the buzzing noise I heard before. I can’t see through the crowd of people but I hear Tracy’s mom hopelessly yelling at everyone to stop. Then everything black out.
“Recently Kate’s creators, scientists Roger and Meghan Flarity, added an effect to Kate where he bones would repair themselves, if broken, within seconds. The children are the party thought it would be “fun” to test this new development. Her body could not take all of the breakages at once and she died.” They continued.
As Tracy sat in the police station she pulled out the diary, which Kate wrote when she was still alive. After opening it Tracy read the letter, which the janitor of the school had found whilst cleaning out Kate’s locker.
“Please give this to Tracy Fullman. “
Inside were the countless horrors that Kate had survived through her lifetime and accepted in silence. Tracy knew that Kate’s creators treated her like she had no feelings but she never realised how bad Kate’s situation actually had been. Opening to a random page Tracy read and immediately recognised the familiar words,
“Today I experienced what it feels like to have hydrochloric acid thrown onto skin, it was only for 10 second, before my skin began to repair itself but it is a sensation burned into my memory.”
Kate goes onto describe when her creators pulled of her fingernails to see how quickly they would grow again, and the time they yanked out her baby teeth as they had recently discovered a method that would make them be replaced in less then a minute.
After rereading these stories for the 100th Tracy knew that she was doing the right thing.
“Tracy” said a gruff voice. Tracy looked up to see a large male officer standing over her.
“TRIAL OF THE FLARITY COUPLE OPENS TODAY” were on the headlines of world-wide news the following day.
Kate Flarity’s funeral was attended by 1,000 and viewed by millions. They will never forget the tragic story of her gruesome life.

The author's comments:
This is the rest of the story which I have already submitted.

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Aww i never saw that really is a sad story, but a good one. I liked it.


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