The Search For the Truth (Continuing of No Name Yet. Chapter Two) Chapter Three

January 31, 2010
By XxCrazyGurlXx SILVER, Whiteville, North Carolina
XxCrazyGurlXx SILVER, Whiteville, North Carolina
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"Mama, we're home" I yelled, opening the door, seeing the place was a mess. Overturned couches and the broken TV, "oh no" I muttered and ran to the kitchen, I didnt see anything. Then something dropped on me, I looked at my shoulder and then looked up, a part of the ceiling was dripping blood. I ran up the stairs and into Mama and Papa's room, I screamed as I looked at the hanging body of Gran, I started to run out the door and then someone caught me and said "I got you it'll be okay I promise."

I looked up at Mama as Papa held her. Papa looked at me, motioning for us to go outside and wait for the cops. I stood up, picked up Andrew and went outside, a crowd had formed outside I saw Shawn and Austin heading our way. "What happened?" Shawn asked, looking at the approaching cop cars, Arianne and me looked at each other, I said "if we wanted you to know we would tell you" Shawn sat down under the tree with us. "I'm sorry" he whispered, rustling Andrew's hair softly, I looked at Shawn for a second and then looked up at Austin. I had this feeling that they knew already, that maybe they saw it or something.

I turned my head as Austin looked down at me, then I heard the faraway thundering like a storm was approaching. Arianne screamed and jumped up, I looked at her and then at the ground, there was a spot on the ground, it was spreading. I jumped up with Andrew and backed up, along with everyone.

The next thing I heard was a POP and I was covered in the red substance. I opened my eyes, I wasnt sure I saw what I thing I was seeing but I think I did. Mutants or something, some screams erupted around me. "What are those things?" Arianne managed, I looked at her and shrugged, "some mutant things I guess" I said and suddenly felt the tugging on my arms. Andrew screamed and wrapped his arms around my neck, I held him tighter but whatever it was pulled him harder. "Help me" I whispered to Arianne, she grabbed Andrew with me, but the...thing pulled harder and Andrew flew out of our hands. "No" Arianne yelled, as Andrew disappeared into thin air.

The author's comments:
This is the continuation of Chapter One & Two I hope you guys like it because you are my inspiratioin other writers are.

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