On the Verge of War(part 2)

January 30, 2010
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What has gotten into her, I thought. Lailah never had a temper. She glanced away, but I followed her gaze to the unconscious human boy. Then, was when it hit me. This human boy had changed her, Lailah, my angel sister, my love. One human boy would end up ruining this for me. I had to do something, before it got out of control. I advanced, but as quickly as I had started forward I had stopped. I looked down and there was one single tiny hand on my chest. I followed that hand to its owner, and it was Lailah. It’s too late, the boy has already changed her heart. She used to be with me, on my side.
“What has he done to you, my sister mine?” he thought to her. She jumped in surprise. It didn’t seem as if it fazed her train of thought, though.
Because then she said, “What do you mean, brother mine? All he has done is be my friend in the good and bad times. You on the other hand, haven’t been their like he has. If I was upset and needed to talk he was there instantly, but you just sat and ignored me. He has taught me. He may be younger, but he knows the difference in good and evil. He thinks I am good. I described your nature to him without using your name and he said you were bad. Maybe not evil, but not good either. I have changed because of him, you say? True, but he has also loved me like no other has. I have my family but they don’t notice if I was sad or upset. They had other things to worry about and so did you. Clark had other things to worry about, but he put them aside for later due to his love for me. He has worried about me from day one. Have you? Have you worried about me, dear brother? I have worried about you every day and I have longed to be reunited. But seeing you here now, I am not so sure.” As she finished she took up her stance. Her stance is when she leans on her right foot and the other go farther from her. Then her hands go to her hips and the look she gives you is one of complete innocence.
“Stop,” I said aloud. I knew I would never be able to change her mind with him alive. I would have to come back when he and the rest of her stupid human family was long gone. She would be lonely and need someone. I would be that person. I would just have to be patient.
“I’ll be back and you know it. I love you, my angel sister.” I thought to her as I planted a kiss on her cheek. Her cheeks turned bright red, when she thought I couldn’t see it.
“My fallen angel,” is all she said as I walked away. Maybe I’ll stick around here and watch her, he thought as he walked away.

Then he was gone and I was left by myself. As I turned to go back to my human family, I tripped over something. My eyes flew wide as I heard whatever it was groan. I turned and found myself face-to-face with Clark. I went to throw my arms around him, but he stopped me.
“What happened? The last thing I remember is seeing you tap that guy on the shoulder. Who was he?” he asked, but then he doubled over in pain and asked yet another question, “Why does my stomach hurt? Why are we on the floor?”
“I just needed some air. The guy was,” I never thought to come up with an excuse for him, nobody’s ever known about him, oh no,” a cousin of mine. He is from like Hawaii or something. I don’t have any clue why your stomach hurts or why you’re on the floor. Did I answer all your questions?” I answered as sweetly as I could, trying to cover up my lie.
“Ok, lets head back though. Ok?” he asked. He had bought the lie. I was safe this time.
“Ok. Lets go,” I replied. He held out his arm and I put my hand in the crook of his arm as usual. I wish I could believe the lie I was trying to tell myself. I couldn’t I knew it wouldn’t go back to normal. I had created destruction by going along with Lahash, when the time came for me to choose. Five-hundred-thirteen years. Lahash had four-hundred-eighty-seven years to change my mind back. I had to choose by the five hundredth year. With Clark by my side, I’m pretty sure I will choose to be good, to help. Clark won’t be with me forever, though. He is only mortal, while I am immortal just reborn every now and then.
“……So, what do you think?” he was asking something, but I missed the first half of what he said.
“Huh?” I was forced to say.
“You were in lala land weren’t you?” he asked and I nodded (you might as well call it that), so he continued, “I asked what you were doing tomorrow? I wanted to know if you wanted to go to see a movie.”
That is what I loved most about humans. They overlooked the bad things and moved on. Sometimes overlooking wasn’t the best way, but for now it was. So, I said,” Yes, lets go see a movie.” I overlooked my world and lived in the mortal world, for now. I knew I couldn’t forever, but it was good enough at the moment. I decided at that moment I would walk away until my choice slammed into me. I would let fate be and move on. I would have fun. I would ignore the voice in my head, just as he had done to me. I would ignore the fact that he was following and watching me closely. Clark and I walked away back to my family with my new baby brother.

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