Anailia and the True Meaning of Friendship Part 2

January 29, 2010
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Suddenly Anilia sat up and started to fly around she flew up to the sky and around a set of mushrooms. “I can fly!” shouted Anilia. Just then Daybreak, Daisy, and Queen Hondi came into the circle. “What happened?” asked Daisy. “I don’t know, I woke up and could fly,” said Anilia. Everyone was amazed. Just then Anilia fell to the mushrooms. “Oaf!” said Anilia as she fell. Daybreak went over to Anilia and sprinkled some fairy dust on her and Anilia was flying again. Anilia was just as amazed as everyone else. Happily Anilia flew back to Bakers Meadow she flew up to her house and went inside. Suddenly she flew back outside and went to find Ponic. Once she found Ponic she said “Ponic I don’t need to switch houses with you and I don’t need to look up to see you anymore so ha!” Without waiting for a response Anilia flew out and went back to her house. Anilia immediately started to bake. She made watermelon hotcakes, raspberry muffins, orange blossom French toast, and pound cake. Then she wrote some invitations to Waterlilly, Daisy, Daybreak, Snowflake, and to Queen Hondi. Anilia left her house and found some mint leaves in her garden; she got some strawberries from the kitchen, and some sugar cane. All together Anilia made watermelon hotcakes, orange blossom French toast, raspberry muffins, and sweet strawberry mint pound cake. “Knock, knock,” said Waterlilly, Daisy, and Daybreak. They had their tea party and Anilia discovered the true meaning of friendship!

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