The Fallen World

January 27, 2010
A dream? No- it couldnt be a dream. It was so real. Not like the vivid hallacunations I expreience at nightime. I was scared. last night was normal- dinner, work, bed, but now everything is whacked. I am in in my house, but all of the furniture is gone. The walls are cracked, the roof is torn, and the windows are empty wholes in the once beautiful wall. I began to run out of the house. I ran all across my street, Independence Street, and begin heading to the city- New York. All of the houses are the same. Walls cracked, roofs torn. I also notice thatsoot is surrounding the place. Everything is dead- no animals or plants seem to live. The beautiful trees that make life worth living for are gone. Then, i see the city. At first I couldnt believe it,I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but the city- it was burning, and in the sky i saw the words- The Word that is to Come.- I realized then that i knew why this futuristic version of Earth was in ashes, mankind made it that way.... I wake up screaming. Good thing I live alone because people would think i am physco. I begin to think of the fallen world, the fallen Earth. Questions filled my brain. Was it just a drea, a very, very clear dream? Did it mean something? Will this happen soon?

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