January 27, 2010
By ByAnother BRONZE, Midland, Texas
ByAnother BRONZE, Midland, Texas
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"Life sucks, then you die." - Erin Keck.

My mother was gone. She had deaparted from me only the night previosuly. I was alone. My brother lay dead, his organs spread out among his stomach. I tried not to look, but for some reason I had to.I scrambled from the floor and began to look for food, but had to abandon my mission when I heard the shooting. The creatures were back! I hurried back to my pevious location and put my hands over my ears. I thought back before the creatures came to existence. Before the scientist began to reaserch. I heard the horrible sounds of the creatures, and new I had to abondon my home, my brother, and my city... Swoosh.... the air raids were beginning.I took off thorugh the broken glas window. And then I began to run. Away from Las Vegas and into the desert."Dont look back,"I thought," the creatures will sense you." But the urge to look back was too strong. I took a single peek, and regretted it. The worst looking beings imaginable were in the place. They were the worst of the creatures... What were they called? Swoosh... more bombs. My mother told me what they were. Then i remembered, they were called Man.

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