A Pale Blue Hope

January 19, 2010
I sat in the basement wondering if time was moving slower or has my boredom reached a new level. Different shades of blue paint surround me with fifties music blaring from the speakers. I was waiting for my brothers to come and get me from this hell. I used to think detention was bad, but this place was worse much worse. The guard came back in to ask more questions that I would never answer.
“Lillian why don’t you just answer the questions it will be easier that way.” The guard said in a low monotone voice with a fake smile.

I just stared at him with the same expression that my face had worn for the past 3 hours. This game was getting old, I knew the answers, but telling them was something I couldn’t do. Why didn’t they get that?
“It is Lilly no one calls me Lillian. Like I told you before I can’t tell you what I don’t know. I can’t make the answers appear out of nowhere.” I replied curtly.

“Alright Lilly would you care to explain how does some one just disappears. Because you were the only one there and his parents want answers and frankly so does the government. This is your last chance.” He said as his face dropped.

“I understand that you are fed up with my silence sir, but in all seriousness I can’t tell you, how or why he disappeared. I don’t know where he went or why, I was trying to make him stay. There is no information I can give because I don’t have it, not anymore. All I can say is this, his disappearance was no accident and it will happen again and there is nothing we can do to stop it. We have no way of knowing the victims or the order. I am sorry but I can say no more on the subject. Please just let me go home.” I said as my features became straight and face lost its color as the door opened.

I looked up and saw my brothers standing there with their faces matching mine. I knew who was next to go, but they didn’t need to know. My brothers didn’t know not yet. We walked out of the building side by side as we approached our car. We climbed silently in to the jet black 97’ Nissan Altima. The empty city streets went flying past as we left them behind us. Our house came in to view the porch light welcomed us as we pulled in the dirt drive way. The house was old, but we fixed the house up and the pale blue paint of the outside walls that were normally so welcoming seemed to push me back. The inside was a soft white color was on the walls and every thing was a messy just like we liked it. I ran to my room and locked my door. My room was covered with swords and artwork covering my lime green walls. I put my bag down and looked at my clock it was 11:30 pm, had thirty minutes left. I walked back down stairs, how could I explain to them what was happening and why. I couldn’t, no one could it just wasn’t possible.

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