A Fish Tale: Chapter 5

January 16, 2010
By evermore30 GOLD, Somerton, Arizona
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I awoke to an early morning light shining through my window, when suddenly my phone began to buzz out of control on my nightstand. I looked at the caller I.D. and saw a crazy picture of Jordon and answered the phone. “Hey Jordon you’re up early, what’s up?” I said enthusiastically into the speaker. “Have you been in any type of water since yesterday?” she asked quietly. “No and that reminds I need to take shower, before Taylor gets here.” I said walking to the bathroom. “What’s the matter?” I asked curiously. “Just touch the water Mia and have a towel nearby.” She said instructively. “Okay Jordon but nothing will happen.”I said turning on the on the shower. Instructively I put my hand in the water and said.”See Jordon nothing hap--.”I fell to the floor, my jaw dropped as I starred at the tail that replaced my legs. My hands scrambled to find the phone that had fell out of my hand. “Mia, Mia, are you still there?” I was still stunned about my horrific transformation. “Jordon…what just happened to me.” I asked. “I don’t know Mia, but it happened to me too and I don’t what to do. But we can’t tell anyone not even Taylor.” She said. “I’m a freaking fish Jordon, how can I not tell Taylor about this?” I asked yelling into the phone. Jordon said a little too calmly “Just tell him you need some time apart.” “How can I do that…I can’t do that?” I said on the brink of tears. “You have to Mia, just for a while so we can straighten this out.” She said and as if on cue I heard Taylor fall in my room. “Well it’s now or ever because Taylor just got here.” I said holding back the tears. “Meet me at the cove in thirty minutes okay Mia.” Jordon said hanging up. About five seconds later my legs returned and I walked to my room. “Good morning.”I said softly to make him jump. He scanned my face carefully while I try to avoid his gaze he asked. “Mia what’s the matter?” The tears where coming on fast. “We need some time apart for now.” I said softly. His face twisted with pain and confusion. “What happen since last night, Mia?”He said trying to get close to me. “I’m not sure how to tell you, but I need to figure this out before I tell you. Read this and talk to me later if you ever want to talk to me again.”I managed to say while handing him Asmay’s journal. “But I will love you always Mia and that will never change.” He manages to choke out to this horrible news. “I know, I love you still—“Then why are you are you doing this.”He interrupted me. “It’s complicated, just read the book and then let’s see what you think.” I said with tears rolling down my cheek. He came closer and wiped my tears from my eyes and pulled me in. “I will always love you Mia, please tell me soon and take your time.” He kissed my forehead as he walked out of the room. “I still love you.” I said through my sobs.

The car drive to the beach seemed forever, my eyes are blotchy from tears and my throat was close shut. The summer breeze wiped against my skin and it help so much. I ran for the water and then nothing but numbness. I thought I had drowned everything was dark and numb, but that’s when I realized I still had my eyes closed. When I opened my eyes the water was so serene, it hurt. I didn’t know what to do. Should I swim? Or just float here in the vast space of emptiness, and take in the numbness that felt so much better than a broken heart. After thinking for a little bit, a soft lullaby or voice was calling me through the sea. Instinctively I followed it to a small underwater cave 50 miles from the sea. I swam through and it was dark, to my surprise there was a air pocket that I swam to. “Hello? Anyone here?” I said gazing around to this well constructed area. “Yes my dear, I am here and if I am correct you are broken.” A creepy old lady, with fiery red hair, came from behind a hung fish net. “Who are you?” I pulled myself out of the water into a sitting position. “Who am I is nothing very important, but I can sense your heart is in pain, my sweet darling. Why is that?” she crept closer to the pool. I didn’t want to tell her any of my problems, she was some psychopathic lady who lived in the middle of nowhere.“I’m torn from the man that I love and this curse that is set upon me.” I said starring at my tail. Then I realized that my mouth had betrayed my mind and gave nothing but the truth. How did she do that? Was she some kind of witch? “Well I can release you from your pain if you want, but you will be part of the sea, and me forever.” She said grabbing this shell and handing to me. “Put it over your heart and all the bad things and confusion will go away.’’ She smiled a gruesome smile. “You better get going your friend is looking for you.” She said disappearing into the cave’s walls, leaving a daunting laugh behind. I held the shell in my hand and wondered if it was worth it. “Not now it’s time for you to get Jordon save it.” My head said.

Swimming through the water I heard a voice saying:
“Where in the hell is Mia, do I have to search the whole ocean for her?” My God I can hear Jordon’s thoughts, this is so creepy! I thought to myself.
“Jordon, Jordon can you hear me… I feel so retarded.”
“Mia is that you? How are you in my head? I’m I going crazy”
“You’re not going crazy, you fool. You can hear my thoughts and I can hear yours.”
“Oh I gottcha. But this is weird but in a cool way. I love being a mermaid!”
I’m literally going insane! Jordon loves being a fish. She acts like it’s her whole life and it’s only been a day.
‘’Where are you I need to talk to yo-.” Jordon and I crashed into each other before I even finished my thought.
“Where have you been Mia?”
That’s when I played back my encounter with the creep of an elderly lady.
“Are we going crazy or what Mia? We are fish and the only ones in the world!” Jordan thought swimming into a back summersault.
“Can we get back to speaking like regular human beings?” I asked looking at her enjoying the water.
“I’ll race you!” She thought before I felt her whiz by me. The water ran smoothly against my aerodynamic body. Before I knew we were back in our cave in less than 20 minutes.

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