The Labrinth

January 15, 2010
The labyrinth seemed to go on forever. A bottomless black abyss. The hallways all melting into one grand maze. Left turn, left turn, strait, right, left, right turn, strait. Panic started to well up in my chest but I pushed it down with a loud choking noise. Another right turn and suddenly he was there. I came to a sudden stop in front of the reason of my labyrinth search.

He lifted a big toned hand to my face and traced his index finger once along my jaw line from behind my ear to my chin. Goose pumps shot down the length of my spine at his touch. I stood frozen, still wide eyed that I had managed to find him. He moved an inch closer to me and I could feel the heat from his body pressing into me with the small space we had between us. My breathing came out calm and even despite the flickering flame like dance my heart was beating. He leaned toward me at an antagonizingly slow pace until finally his lips were grazing softly against mine. The kiss was slow and passionate at first and he moved his hands to caress my small waist. Then suddenly he had me pressed against the cold stone wall his mouth hungry against my lips, jaw, and neck. I gasped in surprise but I was just as ravenous as he was as the sensations of his touch coursed through me. My body was electrified, everything around me in perfect clarity. I closed my eyes and gave myself over to him but I could no longer feel his touch. My eyes shot open but he was nowhere to be seen. He was a ghost in the night vanishing once again.

A searing knife like pain passed through my stomach and I slid to the ground wrapping my arms around my knees to hold myself together. He left me again, the stranger my heart had come to love. I staggered to my feet with blurry tear streamed eyes. I didn’t count the turns this time. I just ran down every hallway gasping for air and willing the pain in my chest to stop. My muscles began to tire immensely and my frantic pace slowed. My body filled with anguish as I could no longer move, I griped the square, ice cold stones for support and pushed myself on until I collapsed on the ground. The only sounds I could hear were my heavy breathing and my pulse pounding in my ear. I was a ragged heap of sobbing hysteria on the ground. I never thought a person could die from a broken heart but the pain in my chest seemed to think otherwise. Hours could have passed or maybe minuets, time melts together when you have nothing to live for. I was fading fast, away from this dark cold world.

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