The only true threat to life is death.

January 27, 2010
By ashcrised BRONZE, Crawford, Nebraska
ashcrised BRONZE, Crawford, Nebraska
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Looking out the window at the sun shine on the trees, Harold reflected on his life, full of loss, trauma and beauty. Today is his nienty-sixth birthday and he's stuck in a special bus with people he can't stand. The elderly who are treated like babies, it's a shame they're not trusted to know where they're traveling to. "Mr. Jacobs, it's time for your medication." Harold glared at the nurse, "Give me the damned pills!" He took the pills and soon became drowsy, as he nodded off he overheard the nurses talking about "the plan", he pundered on the thought of some grand escape before he discovered what "the plan" was. Harold was an intelligent man, before forced into retirement he was awarded with a great honor, "Most Recommended Doctor in the State of Ohio." At the retirement party thousands of people came to honor his carrer, individuals he couldn't even remember without a medical chart spoke about how he saved their lives, grown men wept like little school girls when they told their stories. it was his proudest moment, he also wept that night, wishing he had someone to share that night with and every other night of his life, although at the party he was the life of the party, making frisky jokes about every woman who happened to walk by. "Sir, may I ask what you're doing here?" Harold looked up at the man, was it a man? He couldn't tell, the creature seemed to walk on four legs, like an ape of some sort, it was completely hairless with no clothing and no equipment or facial features. It was like the first stage of a sculpture before the artist added the details to make the work unique. "Depends, where am I?" Harold asked confused. "Hell, sir." Harold looked at the creature curiously "How'd I die?" "I think a better question is how'd you live to get here?""Okay, what did I do?""You played God, saving the lives of people who weren't meant to live, you got greedy with your gift of wit, and humans worshiped and believed in you, and eventually turned their backs on God." "What'd you do?" "I cloned large mammals, and was planning on doing a human trial.""Why do you look like that?" "Evolution takes effect more rapidly here.""Evolution? I thought this was Hell?"the creature started laughing, "God isn't an imortal being who created everything as it says in the bible, it's simply a singe-celled organism who has survived longer than any other living organism. It doesn't like to be challenged. We are simply here so it can test it's theories.""So, there's no satan?""Of course not, heaven is simply mortality."Harold looked down at his own body and noticed he had gills and a tail, "Should I be in water?" "Do you want to be in water?" "I don't know, i'm a fish... what part of evolution is this?" "Looks like it's starting from scratch, homosapheins evolved from a fish-like species." "Why devolve?""Well, some of the bible is based on visions, 20,000 years in the future there will be a flood wipe out everything on Earth, humans will be disticted by then, without them the animal kingdom will be full of distruction. Hopefully, this time around, humans won't be so self distructive."

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