January 23, 2010
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Stephanie stared at the other students. They all wore the same scared faces disbelief. What assignment, thought Stephanie, how could we have gotten homework on the first day of school. Though what assignment they expected was no ordinary one. “Listen up kids,” said the teacher, “you have to know that this place is no ordinary school. We expect from brains like yours that you would have already figured that your fellow students seem to have disappeared due to the fails in their exams. To enter this school wanted you to show your physical strength and skills. Many failed then and there.”
“Now,” said the teacher, “you have just seen your other classmates fail to pass the start of the year exam. In the field these skills are needed. Brain power helps solve codes, block enemies accessing files. Oh, yes.” We were all on the edge of our seats by now wondering what we were doing that made the teacher keep talking in riddles. “You are not in some riff raff school for fit people who are also having a brain that is not the size of a pea,” said the teacher, “you are part of the Federal Secret’s Academy.” He stopped to build the suspense in the air. “So what it means is that you are now officially MI9 agents. Some of you will be in the field working while the others will be researching. “Now back to the mission. Infiltrators have invaded the base and are trying to cut off the power by absorbing it with some machine,” said the teacher, “I want you new recruits to prove yourself by stopping the person and that guy’s evil plans.”
Stephanie was so absorbed by this information that she hadn’t noticed herself almost knocking over her wooden desk. Slowly the teacher walked around to each student and could instantly tell not only the name of the student, but what job the parents had and even where you lived. Stephanie slowly learnt that the other boy was known as Dylan while the other girl was called Anna. They all seemed fit as well as brainy. “Now,” exclaimed the teacher, “comes the best part. Gadgets, which were all, had been hoping for. Bad luck, but on this mission, you only need your brains, the school computers and each other.”He started for the door before I shouted, “how are we supposed to get on the school computers when we don’t even know the password. Opening the door, he slowly turned his head and with a sly smile on his face he drawled, “You will work it out soon enough.”

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