Iridescence (Chapter 9)

January 22, 2010
He grinned demonically as he saw her standing there in her pitiful human form. But when their eyes met, their thoughts immediately connected. For the first time, he felt a twinge of fear as she examined his memories. And for a brief moment, he relished in the feeling of showing someone his past, and she willingly received everything he showed her. [Born Bryze, a human in the earliest years of the world; having a poor but happy life. But then the raiders came, destroying everything they touched. He ran forever, filled with depression and loneliness, then rage and relentless hate that continually drove him further from everything he’d ever known. Ending up in a desert, he laid in the hot sand, wanting to be baked alive, desiring one thing over life itself: revenge. A voice came to him; whispered his name so temptingly, then offered something that would help him accomplish everything he ever wanted. Little did he know, this gift was really a curse from Satan himself.]

The fae almost withdrew in fear, but knew she needed to continue in order to survive and bring peace. [Bryze accepted and became dragon, predator of everything, prey of nothing. He ruled everywhere, in everything, destroyed all in his way. He searched for the raiders, and in finding them, burned them all alive as the fled from his consuming shadow. Following that, he grew to hate everything good and light, everything peaceful and happy. The realization of immortality was a blessing but then became mostly a curse when Bryze realized he could not be saved.]

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