moon and sun chapter 3 part 2

January 22, 2010
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My stomach performed amazing tricks while I watched him saunter over to our dinner table. His brown hair gently touched his forehead and he flicked it out of his way frowning slightly. A nervous smile crept onto my face and I felt myself turn an interesting shade of pink. I turned away quickly and distracted myself from his presence. I really don’t need this kind of confused feelings right now. “Brooke, Brooke? Hey Bee!” I let him shout my name a few times before giving him my attention, “yes?” I asked him, smirking. He rolled his eyes. “The Moon and Sun ceremony is tonight. Are you going to come with us?” my eyes widened at the thought of my first real witch event, and an excited squeak escaped from between my lips. Everyone laughed “Take that as a yes then.” Ali sniggered.
The glowing moon slithered its light across slips of the grass, illuminating the marble of the house and casted an eerie atmosphere around us as we crept along the lawn towards a deceptively large outhouse where the witchcraft will be taking place. We reached the wide doors and sighed in the smell of burning rosemary and lavender. The smell we should associate with our protection and luck. Quite ironic for people who are in trouble. Skye stood at the door, waiting. She drew a pentagon with water on our foreheads and blessed each of us before allowing us to pass. I closed my eyes and allowed my senses to lead me into the room, before walking straight into a wall. “Not such a good idea, was it?” Tyrone laughed at me while as he struggled to pull a straight face. I pulled a face, before stalking into a huge hall.
I stared around me in astonishment at the size of the room surrounding me. I wasn’t expecting it in the slightest bit. My breath exhaled in a sudden gasp and faces turned my way in expectation, as if they were waiting for an explanation as to why I was sighing. I turned to them and asked them a question that I had been burning to ask them since we had first met. “What are you all?” they looked shocked, then laughed. “People, duh.” Zara replied sarcastically. I narrowed my eyes and laughed. “You know that’s not what I meant.” I sighed at her. “Well, I’m a Witch, Ray is a witch, Ali is a witch, Alex is a vampire, Tyrone is a werewolf, and Derek is a halfy.” She laughed at my clear confusion. “A halfy is someone whose parents, are of different species.” “Like a witch and a werewolf.” Alex butted in. Zara bared her teeth at him before continuing, in Derek’s’ case, his mum was a vampire and his dad was a werewolf.” She finished, glancing across the room at him. “Yeah” Tyrone joked, “he’s a freak, ha ha ha” Derek shook his head, as though this kind of banter was the usual, and to be expected. A hush descended upon us and any further questions that I may have wanted to ask, were silenced and forgotten, as the ceremony began.
Darkness enveloped us, and a light mist swirled delicately above our heads, dancing around the flickering flames, from the candles, and casting ominous shadows around the room, that crept up on you as soon as you turned your head. A cloaked figure entered the circle that we had created and was silently followed by four willowy figures, swaying as they carried large candles into the circle and took their positions. At the north, south, east and west points of the circle. The candles were representing separate elements, but at the same time, each other. The unburned wax represents the earth the melted wax, the water, fire is represented by the flame and the smoke represents the air. A yellow candle represents the air; red represents fire, blue, water and green, earth. This knowledge unexpectedly lept into my mind. I can’t recall ever learning about the elements, or the candle colours and what they represent, but suddenly the information was there waiting to burst free of my mind. I felt exhilarated, as though this was what I was meant to do with my life, and now everything suddenly has a meaning.
Each of the elements were called into the circle separately and as each entered I felt them twirling around us, and imagined that I could see them, so vividly that I almost could. Swirling clouds of mist around us, each with its own colour and smell. The dark room was now illuminated with the shining colours, and bright flames. As the candle for spirit was lit, I felt agitated, as though the spirit couldn’t appear any faster, and without it there would be no point to it. Totally unexpectedly, I felt a sudden desire to be closer to Ali, as though she was the spirit, and had her own gravitational force, that pulled me to her. We summoned good health and luck to the circle and then paid respect to the God and the Goddess. We finished the night by wishing protection upon each of us, and thanking the elements before dismissing them.

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