The sky of the free beast

January 21, 2010
There are those in life who see the world as a cage. This cage is the restraint that will lead us into
our own demise. I wont be held in that cage. I wont be those caged animals.I take my time as a fearless being. Fear in my mind does not exist because fear is just another cage
to hold you in from being or doing what you want to in life. Some people are afraid to jump from high
places. That fear is another cage stoping from feeling the upward wind in your face that you wont experience.
Some people are afraid of fighting or martial arts. That fear is only cageing you from testing your physical abilities

As I look into the sky I see the birds fly above me as though there are no cares. You can try to hold me down. You can try to chain me.
You can try to put me to rest but just remeber that some how I will find a way to break these walls and fly away. These chains cant hold me because I
will tear through them like the claws of a mighty beast inraged with fury with the fact that I am my own strong being. I will fly into the sky and break your restraints
to live my own life. If you were to fly like me you'd see my strength and power that overlaps your own. As I fly into the sky I'll look below and find fear in your soul that chains you down to the ground. If I must I'll change the world and fly back down to bring you up to show you another life. This is the life of a true hearted being.

Though I may be as care free as a bird I will use all my strength to defend my ways. If you truly do not understand try not to understand because you dont have wings
I possess which are the wings of a majestic beast that prowls the land searching for worthy allies. Do not try to take me down because I can turn into your worst opponent and tear through your shield which blocks you from the wind. I can help you just trust me but dont try if you wont commit. Do not trick yourself into thinking you have wings because you'll just fall with those worthless paper wings.

Your dreams will just end like false wings made up from your mind. False wings made of paper wood and wax wont lead you to the sky.
It will only lead you to your demise.

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