January 21, 2010
By Santiago Torres BRONZE, Redford, Michigan
Santiago Torres BRONZE, Redford, Michigan
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The M1A2 Abrams fired its M1028 120mm Anti-Personal canister cartridge. The 1,098 3/8-inch (9.5mm) tungsten spheres ripped into it’s planned shotgun effect radius of 600meters (2,000 feet) striking the 2 meter tall (6.5 Foot) Armour clad Super Soldier. The DEMONIC winced at the slight pain as the reactive Graphene outer shell took the full blunt force, transmitted it through the Graphene Nano-composite bodysuit and was absorbed by the Hydrocrystalline Gel layer. The HUD (Heads Up Display) displayed the amount of damage caused by the direct shot.
<<//:Warning-Enemy Heavy Ground Support, <Target:M1A2 Abram>
<<//:Armour Status: 99.9999% Functional.

The DEMONIC growled as the M1A2 .50 (12.7mm) M2HB machine gun unleashed onto the still idol Demon. The AP (Armour Piercing)rounds ricocheted off the DEMONIC who was now slowly moving forward. Quickly balling a fist the DEMONIC’S muscle fibers rippled through the Nano-Composite bodysuit.
With an inhuman fast twitch muscle response the DEMONIC broke into a sprint covering several yards in seconds. The M1A2 fired it’s second Anti-Personal canister but the DEMONIC stepped aside and dodged the shot. It’s fist made contact with the 69.5 Ton machine and in a uneven motion of kinetic energy the tank imploded inwards and caused a beautiful crimson explosion to rip into the battle torn city streets.
Bathed in an amount of chemicals the fully lit DEMONIC stepped from the fire kicking aside the Honeywell AGT1500 gas turbine the soldier wasted no time in a response.
“How does the United Nation’s Force Corporation (UNFC) plan on resolving the conflict involving the Private Military ?” the ENG (Electronic News Gathering.) Drone zoomed 20X relaying High Definition live feed to UNFC public channels. UNFC’s head of public relations cleared her throat and took a small sip of water from a glass of water that was beginning to condensate. “The UNFC will find any involved with the activates of this Private Military and they will be prosecuted and executed under the UNFC LAW SYSTEM.” the self propelled multi-function drone cut feed over to a EFP (Electronic Field Production) drone.

“Reporting live from UNFC 50: Public News, this is Jennifer Yang. UNFC Forces have deployed in area Blue-Eighty Eight, District’s One through Twelve on the southern entrance of DELTA.” The petite Asian descent female was incased in FTP (Field Technician Protection) armor. Generally a variant of armor primarily used by UNSC field technician to provide protection against small arm fire and blunt debris. Providing protection fire behind them was a M1 Grizzly CMV (Combat Mobility Vehicle). The air began to scream causing one of the WOLF ground troops to react. “Heavy mortar fire incoming!” The 120mm high explosive shell punched into the Grizzly causing a loud whine than an explosion afterwards.

The non-censored feed was instantly hit with a shower of gore, the reporter screamed in agony off screen as she began to bleed out. IMA (Immediate Medical Attention) troops ran to her assistance placing a BIO strip (BIO strip. A strip of DNA used to stop rapid bleeding and stabilize on field injuries.) on her thigh which looked as though it would have been torn off if the muscle fibers had not kept the leg together. Staff Sergeant Joseph Makowski entered the scene cradling a M4 Carbine with an attached M203.
“Get that B**** to a Med-Evac, set up a perimeter near the Bank of America just round the corner from the destroyed Grizzly and check any wounded!” Sergeant Makowski barked through the COM channel. Encased in full SWAT-UNFC MARINE armour, Makowski outweighed and out muscled nearly everyone in his company. “Cover me, heading in to check progression on their retreat.” He crouched behind an age old SUV that at one point was a luxury Cadillac Escalade, now reduced to a rusting metallic frame.
<<//:Incoming-Ready On You.

Makowski broke into a full sprint pumping his M4 in his arms in order to cover more ground faster. His back smashed into the Grizzly and his finger without his own actions automatically flicked off the safety. He slowly stood and pushed away the charred body of the Grizzly tanks operator who looked as though tried frantically to escape. Makowski slowed his breathing as he fixed his gaze through the scope, carefully placing a finger on the trigger he suddenly dropped back into cover as a .50 Barrette round ripped through the Grizzly’s compromised armour. “Fall back.”
Private Alexander Price connected to the main COM frequency and switched on the CH-53s Super Stallions beacon. “SKY CONTROL this is Super Stallion Death Note I am requesting clearance for landing; over.” The COM hissed then a response. “Copy that Death note is open for landing on southern strip.” Price switched off the COM and then over to the ships PA system. “Welcome to DELTA Colony guys, ground zero to hell.” Price laughed as he co-pilot gave him a funny look. “ETA ten minutes.” Lieutenant Colonel Miller waited patiently with arms crossed wearing the custom EVA ANGELIC ARMOUR his face concealed within a plated helmet.
“TAC-SATs have scanned and located a strong AURA signal within the walls of DELTA.” Price watched as Miller signaled an idol soldier from across the room, Price immediately recognized the soldier as a member of OMEGA team. A team comprised of the best warriors from SEIKA colony, next to ANGELICS and DEMONICS they where the deadliest on the battle field. “OMEGA team here has spent an extensive week of reconnaissance in order to gather information from the UNFC forces.” Miller extended his arm and was handed a small USB chip that was just removed from the OMEGA soldiers helmet. He turned and inserted it directly to the holographic table top USB port “OMEGA 223s team found a glitch in their system and was able to hack and download a few pieces of information from their main data stream.” He tapped the table top and it sparked to life displaying a real time 3-D holographic map of DELTA colony and the city outskirts. “This is what they found.” Miller pushed away the city and it evaporated into small shiny fragments, he pulled up a new window and then entered a four digit code that activated a video feed. “Apparently the UNFC was here before.”

The author's comments:
This was inspired by many years of Video games and just sitting in class thinking. Although its not done yet i would like to continue writiing this as a series and hopefully make it into a novel.

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on Jan. 31 2010 at 7:50 pm
Santiago Torres BRONZE, Redford, Michigan
2 articles 0 photos 1 comment
For those who are thinking this-I know bad Grammer.


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