Don't play With your Gum

January 21, 2010
By susanschrader16 SILVER, Indianapoils, Indiana
susanschrader16 SILVER, Indianapoils, Indiana
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Why do we not play with our gum? Is it because people do not want to see what might be in your gum like some leftover tacos from lunch? Is it really just because it is gross and disgusting? That is what grown- ups always tell kids. Do you think grown –ups are telling the truth?

The real truth is that when you mess with gum, your fingers will turn different colors depending on what kind of gum it is, One day the doctor’s office was packed with people, averaging from five years old to 59. Mostly all of the people hands had turned bright colors. Their faces were priceless. A lot of them had no expressions on their faces; others sat waiting for the doctor with their mouth gaping open. The main doctor had never seen anything like this in her career. She did not know what to do about it. She decided over two lengthy hours of discussing with her nurses, that all of patients with vibrant colored fingers would record what they did yesterday and today. The doctor wanted to see if anybody had things in common, so they can come to a conclusion. One thing that every single person had in common was they all had gum everyday and enjoyed playing with their gum. The doctor thought this was very unusual. When she informed the patients, they were all traumatized. One screamed out if there is a cure. The Doctor said that they already have people working on that.

After three and half time consuming days they finally found a cure. It is called Natural. It is a piece of gum that if you play with it, your fingers will go back to your natural color. Everybody had been playing with their Natural so much that they ran out of the gum. The patients who have not had the gum yet were very livid.

One said, “If I do not get Natural, the gum, I am going sue.”

Another person said, “They should have enough for everybody.”

The doctors are working non stop to try to discover more of the materials needed for the gum they make, and they are already having difficulties. A lot of people who have already got the Natural, their hands are back to a gaudy color. Other ones have been smart and stopped playing with their gum.

There are a lot of colors your fingers could turn into. Mint gum makes your fingers dark blue. When you chew on bubble gum your fingers will turn a bright burnt pink. It’s like the color when you are so embarrassed your face turns all pink. Next, there is the famous color green. Most of the people have gotten green fingers by chomping on spearmint or wintergreen. Also, by chewing cinnamon flavor gum, your fingers will turn a dark red. It looks like you are bleeding uncontrollably. One young girl had a mixture of all kinds of gum in her mouth while messing with her fingers, so her fingers had turn a grayish color. There are a lot of other colors to be discovered. Play at your own risk!

I think a lot of people have seen how when you play with your gum, that there a huge side effect. A lot of gum chewers have stopped fooling around with their gum. Some teenagers are playing with their gum, because they want their fingers to be bright and colorful. If you can not stop playing with your gum, and you do not want fingers to be different colors, then you can cut your whole hand off. You can then send it to a place where they the bowls with the hands on them, because they are running low on hands.
P.S The doctor could never make anymore Natural, so some people’s hands will be vibrant for their rest of their lives!!!!

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