January 19, 2010
The documentary you are about to read is about a mutation that became very common and is named for the location in the brain where it is centered. The cerebrum is the center of the brain and it controls bodily movements and mental decisions. A mutation was discovered that allowed people who had it to control space and time. This mutation became very common and it was found that strange things happened when it was used.

When the mutation is used to travel backwards in time a paradox is formed and the person who used the mutation for this purpose is erased from existence. This was found when a man and his friends were messing around and they had a video camera. The friend travelled back in time and two of them stood before the camera. One of them quickly disappeared and they had no recollection of the event until they watched the video, and similar cases have been reported. People have also been reported using the mutation to travel forward in time but it is unknown what has happened to them for obvious reasons.

Odd things also happened when the space part of the mutation had been used. This part of the mutation allows people to travel without the use of technology or walking. When people use this ability around others, it appears that the other people become half lives, which could be controlled by the person who used the mutation. It could also be used to create solid platforms in the air and bend the light around something or someone to make the person or something disappear or change appearances.

The mutation was discovered in 2020 by Dr. Richard Hizon. He discovered the mutation during an MRI scan of one of his patients. Multiple MRIs were performed to make sure that the scan was not a defect on the machine and they were performed on multiple patients and six doctors. The first patient to be diagnosed with cerebrum was Dexter Milson.

In 2023 the mutation was widespread and criminals began using it, organized crime became outrageous. Riots broke out in Britain and many small European countries and the anarchist movement spread across the globe. Governments started small underground organizations to add to their military and S.W.A.T. teams, using people who had Cerebrum to control these new riot outbreaks.

Multiple outbreaks of pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis also had been recorded after riots where multiple people with Cerebrum had used their abilities. The disease is caused by inhalation of silica particles most commonly found in volcanic ash and igneous rock.

Prisons were unequipped for the new types of prisoners they had to hold and in 2037 a scientist and inventor by the name of Stewart Gimp analyzed the mutation and created a cell which disabled the mutation’s ability. The same scientist had also found that the mutated cells contained the same silica particles found in volcanic ash and rock.

The new evidence of the silica particles created a larger panic among the citizens of the already rioting nations. The disease spread and surgical masks became required when outside in many nations. Impoverished nations practically wiped themselves out with the riots and the inability to buy surgical masks for the protection of their people. By 2045 the third world nations were eliminated and China took over the small bits of non-radiated land left over from the civil wars of the third world countries. That same year Japanese scientists came out with a pill that prevents pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, although the pill was unstable it was released.

In 2047 millions of people had died from both the disease and the pill. The anarchists who had Cerebrum went underground but still had a large impact in the world. The government organizations that were created to stop the anarchists went further underground than the anarchist movements and many of them were six feet under. The British and American organizations formed an alliance and continued working to try and find the anarchists.

Media Reports:

BBC News

"Unexplained deaths have been reported but the suspicious pill invented two years ago appears to be the culprit. About 2.3 million deaths have been reported in the United States alone, about 3.4 million deaths have been reported in China, and about 1.6 million deaths have been reported in the E.U."

The anarchists rose again in 2050 and had found better technology and mastered the mutation. The anarchists discovered that they were able to bend space around themselves to disguise themselves as government agents, and they took control. Across the earth anarchists became the power of the government and swapped places with the original government. In 2058 oligarchy was the new universal government.

Media Reports:


"The president was at a meeting today in the pentagon, and was shot and killed from another room in the pentagon, the man who killed him is yet to be identified. The time of death was 1:43 pm this afternoon. President William Grey, you will be sorely missed."

BBC News

"At her coronation today the new Queen was killed. She was shot and killed from straight above her, the gun was camouflaged by someone with Cerebrum and the trigger was pulled with no one touching the gun."

The European Union became its own country. The leaders of each of the countries created an alliance in an oligarchy duplicating the rule of Stalin in Soviet Russia. The anarchist governments were only beginning but the imminent downfall would be a swift end to the corrupt governments and perhaps civilization as we know it.

The anarchist governments struggled for power against each other. The mutation had killed millions and the lives of those with Cerebrum seemed to be threatened because it began eating away at the brain tissue putting more than half of the world’s population into a vegetative state. Armageddon has come in the form of madness and disease, the world is on its way to its bitter end. Chaos was now in rule for eternity, corruption has prevailed and the anarchists will steer this world into the ditch that will kill us all.

This is my version of what happened, if you are alive and able to read this I pity you for your life.

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Let's hope it doesn't happen that way.
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