Anailia and the True Meaning of Friendship Part 1

January 19, 2010
By TheScene SILVER, Brackenridge, Pennsylvania
TheScene SILVER, Brackenridge, Pennsylvania
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Once upon a time there were four fairies named Daybreak, Waterlilly, Snowflake, and Anilia. Each fairy has a special talent, Daybreak is a light talent fairy, Waterlilly is a water talent fairy, Snowflake is a snow talent fairy, and Anilia is a baking talent fairy. One day Anilia was mixing the batter for watermelon hotcakes. Suddenly Waterlilly startled her. “Hi!” said Waterlilly. “Ahh!” responded Anilia as she dropped the batter of watermelon hotcakes, “Sweet sugars, now I have to make them all over again, Thanks Waterlilly!” “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to I just wanted to know if the hotcakes are almost done. The other fairies are getting impatient,” said Waterlilly. “They were almost finished but now I have to start all over,” said Anilia. Anilia started mixing the hotcakes again. “Tell everyone that they’ll be done in about 10 minutes,” said Anilia. Waterlilly walked out of the kitchen and back into the dining room. Anilia added watermelon slices to the plates with hotcakes on them and walked out to serve them to the other fairies. “Finally!” said all the other fairies. Anilia served the hotcakes and went back into the kitchen. “Why do all of the other fairies get to complain to me? I am just as much a fairy as they are and I do just as many things for the Fairy Realm as they do. So why do they treat me like a pile of sour grapes?” Anilia said to herself. Anilia went back to making more food for the fairies. “Sugar cane tea, check, Raspberry muffins, check, orange blossom French toast, check, and dates with eggs, check! Yes I got everything!” said Anilia as she gathered each item on a tray. When she walked out to serve the food she expected a “Finally!” from the other fairies but instead she got a cheer from the other fairies. Anilia walked over to the table where Daybreak, Waterlilly, and Snowflake were sitting. “What did you do?” Anilia asked. “Well we just thought that you should feel good about being a baking talent fairy!” said Daybreak. “Sweet sugars you really are my friends,” said Anilia. Later that day Anilia received three knocks on her door. Knowing who was at the door she simply told them to come in instead of answering the door herself. Anilia was designing a new outfit. “What’s with the new clothes?” asked Waterlilly. “Well I am tired of the same thing over and over again so I’m making new clothes for myself. Do you want me to make you some clothes too? I will I have plenty of time to do it,” said Anilia. “Why do you have so much time to do all of this stuff? It’s almost winter we need to be preparing,” said Snowflake. “I don’t need to prepare for winter,” Anilia said as she grabbed a rose petal. Anilia put the petal over the ripped skirt that she was wearing. “Perfect!” Anilia said as she grabbed another rose petal. She quickly stitched them together and slid on the new skirt. Snowflake looked at Anilia curiously, “Why are you wearing red rose petals baking talent fairies wear yellow daisy petals,” said Snowflake. “Well I’m tired of everyone in each talent wearing the same color so I talked to Baker and she said that I could change the color of my outfit!” said Anilia. “But you looked perfect in the yellow it really brought out the silver in your eyes and the sparkle in your smile,” said Waterlilly, “But if you think that wearing red will make you feel better than go right ahead and maybe you could wear snowbells too, then you’ll look like Snowflake!” Anilia giggled and put down the rose petal she had just grabbed. “Thanks Waterlilly, I really needed that,” Anilia said. Suddenly Anilia’s friend Daisy flew into her house, startling Anilia causing her to drop the scissors that she was holding. “Hey Daisy,” said Anilia. “What are you doing?” Daisy asked. “I’m making a new outfit… I’m tired of the old one it’s always so… yellow,” Anilia said. “Oh I was hoping that you would want to help me make raspberry muffins for my tea party later today,” said Daisy. “Wait you are having a tea party and I was not invited!” said Daybreak. “Well I told my snail to send put the invitations… maybe they never got there my snail didn’t come back home,” Daisy said, “Yeah you can come it’s at Mushroom Circle around 2:30 this afternoon!” Shortly after that Daisy left. “Well come on there is so much to do before the tea party!” said Waterlilly. “Like what?” asked Snowflake. “Well first of all we have to put on our best outfits, we have to make a batch of muffins for the party and Anilia… maybe you could make some orange blossom French toast?” said Waterlilly. “Fine I’ll make the French toast but I won’t go to the tea party,” said Anilia, “Now I need you to leave so that I can bake the French toast.” “Bye Anilia!” Waterlilly, snowflake, and Daybreak said in unison.

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