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A Blood Promise

January 19, 2010
By Lovestonedloser GOLD, Orlando, Florida
Lovestonedloser GOLD, Orlando, Florida
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We sat at the small night stand in his bedroom; the smell of vanilla candles filled the air as the luminescence of the candles danced around our features. Between us was a small plastic bowl and a small sterling silver dagger. Directly across from me sat my best friend Christian, with his chocolate brown hair blending in with the darkness of our surroundings, and his bright blue eyes glimmering off the candle light he looked absolutely gorgeous. I wondered what he saw when looking across at me, a plain girl with brown eyes and jet black hair. A girl of nothing special but he still seemed to want me as a best friend.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked concerned as he locked his eyes on mine, he slowly reached into the bowl and took the small dagger, turning it over countless times in his hands.
“I do” I breathed out staring at the cold silver in his palm.
“But wont your parents ask what happened?”
“I’ll wear gloves” I stated as I looked down at my palm “They wont notice until its gone”
He sighed and seemed to be hesitant in his approach. We’d been planning this for the last couple weeks. His parents wouldn’t be home until I was long gone so they wouldn’t catch us. “We don’t….We don’t have to, to be best friends you know?”
I sighed and nodded “I know” I stared into his eyes, a long ocean of passion and the fire I’ve always admired about him “but I want to do this Chris”
He nodded and held out his hand. With a quick swipe the blood flowed from his hand and dripped over into the bowl. The smell of the blood filled the warm atmosphere and he handed me the now bloody dagger “your turn”
I gulped softly, not loud enough for him to head and squeezed the dagger in my hand, I brought the tip to my skin and closed my eyes tight. Without further hesitation I slid the long blade over my palm and felt the sharp searing pain across it. And when I reopened my eyes the blood now dripped off my own hand. I hurried and brought my hand to lay next to his. Our blood dripping in synchronization into the bowl.
He smiled slightly at me and moved his hand over, palm down so that our bloody wounds married with each other. the contact stung but I kept a straight face. This was what I wanted.
“Now” he breathed out as he laced our fingers together “Now we’ll always be with each other”. I mirrored his gentle smile and stared into his eyes as we realized the commitment we’d made to each other was bigger then life.

The next day

I breathed in the toxic air of my high school. Hearing the plastics make fun of the rest of us. Seeing the jocks mindlessly walk around and flirt with every girl in sight. The nerds at their tables with books open from every corner. And then the rest of us that really didn’t give a damn. People like Christian and I who didn’t really belong to a cliché. We just…well we’re just here. I haven’t seen Christian yet this morning. He missed the bus and his mom had to bring him in late. He texted me in second period and said he’d meet me at lunch. The day pretty much passed in a blur. I had to be careful to revel my new wound to the rest of the student body. Which was slightly difficult because I was wearing thick fingerless gloves in 100 degree weather. People questioned me but I came up with constant excuses. Christian wore an ace bandage and claimed he hurt himself while skateboarding. It was too much of a clean cut to be from that but no one questioned him.
The bell rang and me and some friends headed off to lunch, they chattered as we walked but I paid no attention to the high school gossip. This would be my first time being around Christian sense we’d committed ourselves and I wondered if it’d be awkward, tense or just normal.
When we entered the lunch line I began scanning the room for him. He was already at the back table, a tray on the table in front of him and a book to his eyes. He looked peaceful and simply adorable. I grabbed myself two slices of pizza, a Pepsi, an apple and split from my friends to join him.
“God I hope she’s not avoiding me because of what we did last night!” Christian’s voice rang in my ears as if he was talking to me. I looked at him as I walked and he suddenly looked at his wounded hand. “I knew it was a mistake. Now I’ll probably barely talk to her now and I lost the girl I-” the voice cut off and he looked up to meet my eyes. He smiled and closed his book. I looked at him confused and slid into the seat in front of him, I picked at my pizza as I spoke “Where you just talking?”
He raised an eye brow and shook his head. Letting some of his hair fall in front of his eyes “No” he gave me a suspicious look “should I have been?”
“no” My answer came off with a sour tone. But I was wondering where his voice came from. “Man, what’s wrong with her today. Is it me?. But god she looks amazing as always” his voice filled my ears again. I quickly looked up and he had his eyes on his tray, tearing apart his food as I was. “Come on Chris, You just talked”
His eyes snapped up and looked at me “No Ava I didn’t” his serious expression assured me that he wasn’t joking. “Chris, Do you really think I always look amazing?”
He looked at me with astonishment and I’d backtracked what I’d say. He flushed a slight magenta and looked down “Well umm…sure” he sounded uneasy “Did I say it out loud?! What the hell is wrong with me! But god her eyes…damn it don’t look up. Keep it cool Christian, just don’t look up”
I stared at his mouth that never moved, his cheeks that never pinched and his throat that remained still. I was truly astonished as to what was happening to me, was I going insane?
“Christian” I hesitated until he looked up at me “think of what you dreamed of last night”
He looked at me confused but I seen his eyes close…he was thinking.
“The most beautiful dream of me and you Ava….To bad you’ll never know that”
I gasped and stared at him. He jumped slightly, astonished at my reaction “What?”
My words came out accusing, menacing even but I tried to bring them as soft as possible “You had a dream…About me and You?” His mouth about his the table, he stared at me but said nothing.
And that’s when I pulled back and sunk into my seat. I don’t know how. And I don’t know why but something happened last night when Christian’s and My blood met. Something horrific and abnormal…because some how…some way.
I can read his thoughts.

The author's comments:
I was thinking about making this into a book. I'm not sure if i like it enough or not though. Comments and thoughts?

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alchive PLATINUM, Fort Worth, Texas
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promise you'll keep at it!!!

on Jan. 25 2010 at 11:35 am
alchive PLATINUM, Fort Worth, Texas
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The best cure for writer's block is...to write

I loved it! A few ruff patches, but the concept is so...well, you know! :)