Broken Bonds

January 12, 2010
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It’s was only a few weeks away from Christmas, and The New York Crowd was getting ready for the holidays. While residents put up their Christmas lights, the snow fell in Times Square. The snow got deeper, in minutes, while the music from nightclubs and bars rang a cross the city. Even though it was near midnight, the city still buzzed with crowds shopping for Christmas gifts. But even when the screeching cars tear through the night and crowds pass each other, one stood out from the rest. That person’s name is Avari. Avari walked down the street with her chest nut brown hair blowing with the wind. Her skin was a light tan, which looked lovely with her complexion. Her eyes were a majestic indigo that looked like a reflection from a pond. She walked past a toy store, where a couple of kids were staring into the window and pointing out the toys they want to get. As she passed the children, she turned to the alley between the toy store and the old abandoned theatre. When Avari entered the alley, the kids were murmuring to each other about why the lady would enter an alley at this time of the night. Their conversation left her ears as she came to a side door of the abandoned theatre. She saw the worn out maroon door that had graffiti running down to the wall further down the alley. Avari grabbed a key from her black trench coat pocket and unlocked the door. As she walked in and closed the door behind her, she felt the warmth touch her cheeks and the lights brightened her face. The backstage of the theatre as if it was still the nineteenth century. The first story has a section where there were several dark-colored soft cushioned chairs, an old jukebox, and several old portraits of the owners who owned the theatre during the late 1800’s. Upstairs had a small landing next to the stairs and a long narrow hallway that has many rooms that used to belong to famous actors and actresses and special guests who could afford the rooms during the 1800’s. After putting her coat up on the Oakwood coat rack, Avari heard some noise upstairs and saw a teenage girl come to the landing seeing who arrived.

“Everyone, Avari’s back!” she yelled
Once after she yelled into, what seemed to be quiet theatre, but when the words had settled in, the noise of rampaging teenagers came downstairs to greet her. One after another, they welcomed her with open arms.
"I brought something for everyone to have." Digging into the bag of goodies, she handed each of the children candy that she bought from the candy store not long ago. They all took their share of the candy and nibbled on it. They agreed with each other on the taste of the candy and one by one, they thanked her for their treat. Avari was soon headed to door until she heard a request of one child if she could read them a story.
“I’m sorry, but I need to make a quick errand. When I come back, I’ll tell you the story about an elf maiden that travels around her world, trying to defeat the evil warlord.”
“But, Avari” A little girl with dark red hair spoke out with her quiet voice.
“You promise that you will come back?”
She turned to face the little girl and gave her a warm smile. She knelt down and held out her pinky finger.

“I promise.” They made their promise and the children cheered and giggled around Avari.
“Okay now, it’s time for me to go.” The children said their goodbyes as she grabbed her things and left the warm and cozy theater, and into the cold hard streets of New York. The snow fell onto her face as she felt a dark presence blocking her way out of the alley. With that presence, stood a dark figure there.
She pretended to not notice him and walked past him. ‘There is a bad feeling about him’ she thought to herself. She met the sidewalk, which is now a little less crowded than before, and started her way back home. She walked past stores who were about to close, and families walking around with smiles on their faces. She wanted to feel like what them but, some strange feeling told her to stay alert and run home quickly as she could. She stopped suddenly, pulling out her small mirror out. ‘If I’m running, I want to know from whom.’ She looked into the mirror and saw what scared her at first. The same man from the alley had been following her. A grin slowly forms from the corner of his mouth. That was her cue to run.

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