Drake, book 1 of the Winged Reptile Trilogy-Preveiw

January 11, 2010
By death2coke BRONZE, Kennwick, Washington
death2coke BRONZE, Kennwick, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
Even after they are long dead, the stars' light brighten our dark skies.

“My face hurt. That’s all I knew, my face hurt.”

As Telu opened his eyes, he was blinded by a dazzling light, like staring directly at the sun. Over him was a slim feminine shadow, not just large enough to see around with the sun wrapping around it in glowing sheets. Slowly he sat up as his eyes adjusted a little better. He had, in fact, been staring directly at the sun. Telu just assumed that the reason he saw two suns floating closely in the sky was just aftershock from the sharp blow to the head.

Little more than the knowledge of a bewildered child seemed to be able to reach him when he looked around seeing nothing more than a large prairie filled with grass, a single black barked tree, and a beautiful woman standing over him. She was beautiful as is the exact definition, with flowing dishwater blonde hair that very nearly fell to her hips, a smooth soft face, angled eyes, and beautiful thin red lips. His first impressions always seemed to be off, and now was not an exception. Such a wonderful woman should go with a gentle personality right? I was wrong, dead wrong. Whispering the word “dreaming” was all he could do before she hopped lightly backwards and gave him a swift kick to the ribs.
Muttering profanity under his breath he stood up to meet his attacker who stood there looking at her bitten down nails. But all he could do was stand in awe. She has to be seven feet tall! He thought in bewilderment. Looking down at his feet, he felt very self-conscious suddenly. Where she stood about seven feet, he stood six-foot-two. Where she had well-defined muscles, he had a slender and weak build. Where she was as tan as the sunset itself, well, let’s just say he was a lot whiter. He felt at shame standing near here intimidating figure. Yet she had a soft look in her eyes that was barely hidden by her haughty glare.
“Next time you decide to take a dirt nap, don’t stay out in the rain.” He thought he heard her mutter “You might catch a cold.” Deciding she was really harmless, he put a hand on his forehead.
“And may I ask who you are exactly?” he said clearly.
She put on hand on her hip, and posed the other in the air like she was weighing a small ball, an arrogant gesture that he had only seen really important people do and one self righteous ba***** who he was forced to call father. Yet she didn’t speak, instead she paused with her hand poised. It only took a minute or so before Telu could no long take the agony of the silence that she seemed to be using to study him in his entirety. Finally he broke the rigid air with the first thing he could think of to say.

The author's comments:
Only a preveiw of my first book. no set release date. inspired by my friends and our love of adventure.

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