Area 9

January 9, 2010
Area 9 Top Secret files
Amber Torres: 14 years, Whittier CA - Highly Dangerous
Steven Reaser: 15 years, Whittier CA - Possible threat
James Lefevre: 13 years, La Habra CA - Low possible harm
Maci Souza:16 years, Brea CA- unknown

"Ugh I'm so Bloated-"
"Where's Erica?"
"What is she -"
"Darn her legs look so nice I-"
I look at a guy across from me in the classroom. It's before the bell starts so I let the voices in. The guy is in all my classes, so I have to hear all his perverted thoughts. Lucky -Freaky- me.
I look over to who he checked out. Ana something. A skinny brunnette applying make up. A little bit too much make up. All I can hear from her is her assuring herself being beautiful.
I breathed in and out. I focused on an image of a blank white piece of paper. Then, I heard no noise. I use the image to decide whether I want to hear the voices or not. When the paper has been written on, I listen to everyone's annoying thoughts.
"James Lefevre, There is someone to see you in the office." My english teacher informed me as he walked in late. I grabbed my backpack and head out the classroom.
I walked down the hall into the office. I saw a tall man with cold eyes. I imagined the paper with the word cold written across. I glanced at the man.
" - "He caught my gaze and chuckled.

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JHale_44 said...
Jan. 20, 2010 at 3:46 pm
Haha, this was really cool. You should read some of my stuff.
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