The Kissed Part 1

January 6, 2010
By pencilchick GOLD, San Jose, California
pencilchick GOLD, San Jose, California
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The sleep of reason produces monsters -fransisco goya

1: Beliefs
Annie Grant sat in the pew with a book balanced on her knees. Her grandmother sat next to her uttering a slow unfaltering prayer. The old woman sat hunched over her bible listening to the preacher. Annie wasn’t, she didn’t really care for church let alone believe in anything; but she came for her grandmother. The preacher, Father Marcus, stood behind his podium. Today he was ranting about angels, demons and miracles. Annie knew that the service would end soon, in fact at that very moment her younger brother Neal sat next to her. His Sunday school class over. He smiled and bowed his head to join in the prayer. She smiled, Neal loved everything about church; he loved the old musty bibles, Sunday school and most of all the stories, at least that’s what he called them. He and their Grandmother had been in a heated feud for over a year now debating whether they were stories or lessons. So far neither had changed their minds. Annie was indifferent.

“Pst. Hey Annie,” Annie looked down into Neal’s large green eyes (the only things that the siblings had in common), “That boy keeps looking over here at you.” Neal pointed to a boy, about her age sitting a few rows over from them. The boy had fiery red hair and a splash of freckles that dusted his nose. However, the features that struck Annie the most were his eyes. They were bright blue. The boy caught Annie staring at him, and smiled. Annie tried to hide her blushing behind her long dark curls.

“And let us remember we are all God’s Children. Amen.” Father Marcus stepped from behind the podium, signaling the end of his sermon. The crowd now began to move, most of the people left, leaving the few diehard Father Marcus Fan’s behind.

“Annie, would mind if I took your brother to talk to Father Marcus?” Annie’s Grandmother said in her frail voice. Annie nodded in response. The old woman smiled and pointed at Neal, “We’re gonna find out whether or not the bible is filled with stories or lessons, my boy.” Neal stood up and followed the old woman up to the front of the church, all the while sticking his tongue out at her back. Annie let out a light chuckle and returned to her book.

“Why come if you don’t believe?” the voice was sweet and rich. Annie turned to face the red headed boy.

“What makes you think I don’t believe?”

The boy smiled, it was a nice smile that filled Annie up with a strange feeling. He pointed to the book nestled in between her knees, “That.”

Annie blushed, he was right it wasn’t exactly a church appropriate book. It was a gothic novel she had borrowed from her friend Clarissa. The cover itself had a bloody sword on it.

“Well I…” Annie struggled for words; she didn’t know what to say to the boy. What could she say Yah I’m an atheist, but don’t tell my grandmother or she’ll kick me out. She didn’t think that would be the best idea.

“Don’t worry I understand,” the boy looked her directly in the eyes with those deep dark eyes. At first she had thought they were a light blue but now she saw that they were more of an indigo.
“The idea that something great out there is scary, but the love for family is all we really have in this world” as he said this last part he gestured to the front of the church were her brother and grandmother stood. Annie turned back to face the boy once again, he was beaming. God, if she believed in him, she wished she could fall into that smile.
“Do you love them?” the boy asked, his face had suddenly turned serious. Annie even thought she saw a bit of worry flash behind his indigo eyes

“You’re asking a lot of personal questions, and I don’t even know you.” Annie was trying to be flirtatious, but wasn’t used to boys making her feel this nervous. She was glad to see that her answer was received with a smile.

“Your right you hardly know me. For all you know I could be an angel, or a… demon.” He let another of his beaming smiles. Annie was a little put off by the statement but was instantly appeased when he held his hand out, “Names Luke, and may ask little non-believer what is yours?”

“Annie” she said as she took his out stretched hand. “And by the way I do love them; I would do anything for them.” She indicated her family with a nod of her head.

“Interesting…” Luke smiled again. Annie stared up into Luke’s eyes; the indigo had deepened now in the falling sun so now they looked black. It would have been creepy on anyone else, but Annie was entranced by Luke. The way he looked, the slight curve of his face and his smile, that smile, it seemed like a hundred watt light bulb about to burn out. Annie began to feel slightly off the longer she stared at Luke. Her mind began to become fuzzy, like she had been given anesthesia. She began to see blackness at the edge of her vision. She became unaware of her surroundings, the words that came out of Luke’s mouth turned into nonsense.

“Grandma!!” the scream echoed through the church. Annie snapped to attention, and looked towards the front of the church where Neal stood over her unconscious grandmother.

“Annie isn’t that your…” she didn’t hear the rest of Luke’s question for she was already half way up to the altar. She had never run so fast before and was surprised to hear footsteps behind her. Father Marcus caught her around the middle before she could trip over her grandmother’s unconscious body.

“Go to your brother he needs you.” Was all the preacher said. Annie looked up into the father’s pale white face. “I’ve called an ambulance, they should be here in a few moments but until then go to him.”

Annie nodded in silent agreement and walked over to a hysterical Neal. As soon as she got close enough he fell into her arms and began a prayer she didn’t know. She began to comfort him rubbing his back telling him that everything was going to be okay. She was frightened when someone placed a hand on her back. She expected to turn around and see the death pallor that was the preacher, but instead saw Luke. The fun and flirty feeling in his eyes were gone and replaced with worry and concern.

The author's comments:
I hope you like it there's more to so let me know if you want to read the rest

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pencilchick GOLD, San Jose, California
14 articles 1 photo 13 comments

Favorite Quote:
The sleep of reason produces monsters -fransisco goya

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