Iridescence (Chapter 7)

January 6, 2010
By Moonlight. GOLD, Poteet, Texas
Moonlight. GOLD, Poteet, Texas
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Those fire hands tightly gripped her hips; his pressed into them to remove any chance of possible escape. His face was in her neck, chills sweeping through her entire body as he deeply inhaled, held his breath, and then slowly exhaled. His steaming breath sensually caressed her neck and ear, bringing with it a deep sound that resonated in his throat, much like that of a purr. Her heart beat impossibly faster and she closed her eyes again, resting her head back on the tree.
“…it’s rude not to reply when someone greets you.” His voice had a raspy edge to it as he whispered in her sensitive ear. She slowly opened her eyes as he pulled his face away and instantly her gaze was again captured by his.
“Your eyes are like that of the mist at the foot of the waterfall where I first found your scent, swirling and sparkling as light reflects off of it… and that scent is intoxicatingly sweet; the pure essence of moonflower.” She didn’t notice him moving closer as he spoke, and she jumped when his hot lips met her own. The metal rings were soothingly cool as his lips caressed hers and his fire-skin coaxed her into a trance of ecstasy. Another piece of cool silver slid over her lips as his tongue crept through them. She was pressed more forcefully into the tree but also into him as he looped a burning arm around the small of her back and held her close enough for her to feel the rippling of his muscle as he breathed.
Her heart skipped a beat then slowed almost to the point of being problematic, but her other senses were in a frenzy. His scent was musky and masculine; unlike anything she had ever known. His skin was marble smooth and hot as the desire that suddenly raged through her. His taste was strange; thick and almost metallic. Suddenly the cougar’s memories flashed through her. [The first kill; locking her jaws around the delicate throat of a young doe. The kiss of death was hot and had a coppery taste.]
The fae jerked away, willing her transformation into effect instinctively as his laughter echoed in her sensitive ears. Without even choosing which form she desired, she took the shape of the big cat. Her fur gleamed silver-white in the moonlight as she crouched before the demon-man. She bared her deadly teeth and screamed at him, the sound perfectly resembling that of a cougar’s but with a clearer peal. He bared his teeth in return, grinning darkly as she leapt for him. He vanished and she landed where he should have been, then swung her angled head, her keen eyes scouring every shadow for him. Laughter echoed through the branches above her, then she instantly turned and clawed her way up the tree she previously thought she had been trapped against. He stood, perfectly balanced, on the branch across from her and again she snarled menacingly, swishing her tail in slight agitation. The air around the demon thrummed like that of a heat wave, then in his place a black panther with blood red eyes threateningly crouched. This definitely would not be an easy fight.

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