Iridescence (Chapter 5)

January 6, 2010
By Moonlight. GOLD, Poteet, Texas
Moonlight. GOLD, Poteet, Texas
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A raspy grumble echoed through the lightless cave, followed by a dull flash of bloody light as the beast opened his eyes. His diamond-hard claws scraped through the sand and pebbles as he stretched his lean legs. Intent on finding this new being, new source of light, he wasted no time in exiting the cave. His descent was faster than before, but also more careless as he swept through the tunnel and scraped layers of dirt off its sides with his rough, pointed scales. Thick smoke poured from between his clenched jaws and widened nostrils, filling the tunnel as he rushed through it. The dim light of a rising moon met his eyes through the leaves of the bushes at the entrance of his tunnel. Baring his teeth, he burst though them and leapt into the air, releasing heart-stopping roar of challenge that shook the earth beneath him and quieted everything for miles around.

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