Iridescence (Chapter 1)

January 6, 2010
By Moonlight. GOLD, Poteet, Texas
Moonlight. GOLD, Poteet, Texas
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Ancient pine trees swayed in the relentless, destructive wind; their immense trunks almost seemed like saplings as the crashed into each other. Their needles fell with the rain, and the air buzzed with electricity, foretelling the intensity of the upcoming storm. Lightning streaked through the blackened sky and thunder shook the earth a moment later, followed by another crack of a tree as it split in half. The destroyed tree was young, but more than six feet in diameter. It crashed into the swollen, raging river and rolled with the current until it lodged into a large boulder midstream. The contact created a giant surge of water the rushed with the river off the edge of a cliff. As the water shot past the waterfall, lightning suddenly struck through it and hit the entrance of an underwater cave. Electricity hummed through the water and into the cave, reverberating off the wall and causing the stalagmites and stalactites to sparkle intensely.

The electric current continued along the walls, sparks shooting and dancing around in the air until it gathered on a small shore of smooth river rocks. Glowing slivers of light formed together and intense sparkling flooded the cave. As the light grew, it took the shape of wings that stretched until the tips touched opposite walls. The base of the wings came to solidify into an orb of diamond or crystal, swirls of rainbow colors writhing and curling as it ricocheted off the edges. The wings of light wavered, then enclosed on the orb and all life, color, and movement ceased.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for an English II grade. I turned it in about 3 weeks late because it was so long, and now my friend and I are going to add more, even though it seems like it's over. So if you like this, let me know, and I will hurry to add more. (: thank you!

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