January 8, 2010
By jynx12 BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
jynx12 BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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some people are like slinkies. there not much fun till you push them down the stairs.

If you’re reading this then I guess you want to hear my story, but I must tell you now that my story is not a happy one. At some times it may seem happy but in truth, it never has been nor will it ever be. Dear reader, if you wish to hear my tale then I strongly advise you not to because though you think yourself a brave soul, trust me when I say that you are not as brave as you seem. It all started in the year 3059, and I was an orphan like the rest of us. Adopted as a baby for a top-secret government organization. All 10 of us were taken to their experimentation chamber tubes, labeled 0-9. I remember it all so clearly, they had us attached to a strange machine. The machine put information in our head, kept us fed, and took care of all our daily functions. When I was little I had no idea why they wanted us and for what? I now know that
They were creating super warriors to take over the earth and stop world war 5.
The warriors they were trying to make were not those who you would expect. The warriors that they were creating were the very essence of your nightmares. Still don’t know what I’m talking about? I’m talking about vampires. The problem was that the venom they were injecting into us was purely synthetic. The scientists had no idea what they were doing or how we would react to the different venoms. Most of use died due to the acidic and toxic levels of the mutation venom. 3 of us were left at the year 3076, and this very morning was when another one of use died. The scientists were so disappointed. The next week was my turn to have my full dose, and the scientist never lived to see the full results of their wrongdoings. What the scientists knew about the venom was that it could have three different effects. It could change us into what they wanted, it could kill us, or it could have no effect at all. What they didn’t know was that the venom could also be so potent that it made us even more powerful when we transformed. That’s what happened to me, at first it felt like I was being burned alive, then I felt like I was incased in ice, then I felt the worst pain of all, this pain would put dying to shame.
After a while the scientists assumed I was dead and did what they thought was respectful, leave me in the tube for a week before burying me. All I needed was 3 days though. It was all so sudden, red bat wings sprouted from my back, my canine teeth became razor sharp fangs, my eyes were a brilliant ruby red, and my hair became pitch black. My skin hardened and became as cold as ice. I was suddenly aware of myself due to my highly advanced vampire brain. I broke out of this accursed tube and ripped the machines from my body. The scientists stared at me, bewildered. I was suddenly extremely thirsty so my instincts took over. I couldn’t taste the blood of the scientists because I was so thirsty, but I could feel it running down my throat. When it was over, none of the scientist survived but I could see and think clearly now. I felt horrible for what I had done and I hated what I had become. For the first time I noticed I was wearing a strange silver suit with the letter zero on the front. “Zero?” I said. “That will be my name, Zero.” I said. I looked around the small room and noticed one of the tubes still contained specimen. I looked inside and the first thing I noticed was the number on the suit, 7. It was a girl with blue eyes and blond hair. She looked to be the same age as I was. I felt sorry for her and released her from the tube. I knew she would wake up soon so I left before I felt thirsty again. Out side was a dark forest, above was a beautiful full moon around dozens of stars. I admired it for a second and would have loved to look at it longer but I was suddenly hit with a wall of force, knocking me to the ground with incredible strength. I quickly recovered my wits only to be mercilessly assaulted again. When I recovered I was ready, the force hidden in dark had a strange, winged form. Regardless I hit it with all my strength, and successfully knocked it back though I was thrown back as well. I could tell my attacker was winded so I took these precious seconds to assess the situation.
My careful, probing eyes found the figure as it took shape once again, but this time more clearly under the moonlight. I recognized the form immediately. It looked almost like me but slimmer and a little smaller. As more clouds cleared I saw the features as they were. White hair flowing a little farther than the shoulders, ruby red eyes filled with hate and confusion. Deep purple wings sprouted from the back. This strange yet familiar being was also wearing a silver suit labeled 7. “You?” I said quietly. “Who are you and how do you know me” she screeched. “I don’t, I only recognized you because I let you out of that tube.” I yelled. After a much needed argument, we came upon the agreement not to kill each other. We also found out that her name was 7 ironically enough. Luckily we had come upon a form of a comradeship. After a few hours we had quenched 7’s thirst and found a nice cave like shelter to rest. For some odd reason our feet stuck right to the ceiling and our wings curled around our entire body. We slept peacefully until about 4 “0” clock. I awoke to hear an odd humming so quite I doubt a human could hear it at all. I woke 7 and we headed off to see what was this unnatural occurrence was. Eventually we stumbled across a large white door crested in a tree. It was just a plain snow white door, nothing special. It was probably the worst mistake I ever made but I opened the door. Inside was nothing, absolutely nothing, just a deep black darkness. The second worse thing I have ever done was walk in. seriously, I just walked in. the next thing I knew I was out cold.
to be continued...

The author's comments:
this is about my version of vampires

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