Flying Solo...Well Slmost

January 4, 2010
By Claire Rowe BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
Claire Rowe BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
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Flying Solo…Well almost…
Sam is an Ordnary boy who has an ordnary life. Look what happens when ordnary becomes extraordinary

Wednesday October 14, 2009
6:00- Get up
7:00- School
2:30-get home/ HW
7:15- Home/Dinner
7:45-9:45- free time
10:00- Bed

I bet you think I’m some kind of a freak because I write my schedule down well my mom makes me write it. It was my mom’s idea, so don’t judge me. My mom says that I have to have a visual reminder so I remember what I have to do that day. I’m its a little embarrassing but my mom said that my brother had to do the same thing so I don’t feel as bad about it. My brother’s name is Jim, Jim Joseph Powell! How can you possibly live up to a name like that? How can you live up to a guy like that? He’s a popular, good looking, and extremely smart guy! How could I, Sam Nathan Powell, live up to a guy like that? Well I can’t and that’s why I will be knows as Jim’s little brother, that’s if people even talk to me. I have about, one friend, Kyle, and he’s not exactly what you call normal. He is obsessed with star wars and I’m not talking about your usual fanatic. He has a whole room devoted to it in his house and he wears a cape every day to school. His mom drew the line on the helmet in 7th grade. Except for him everyone ignores me including the girl I like and my soccer team, which I practice with Monday- Friday! The only time that they talk to me is when they’re teasing me about ballet. Yes, I used to take ballet, so try not to laugh. My mom forced me take it; she says that it will help with my balance and focus. On one sad, sad day they found out. I had ballet right before practice that day and they saw my shoes. I had tried extremely hard to keep them from knowing. I even pretended to be sick on multiple days so that they wouldn’t know my embarrassing secrete. They promised to not tell anyone and so far they haven’t told, but now soccer practices are torture. Thankfully my mom realized what was going on and didn’t make me take ballet anymore. So now everyone on the soccer team thinks I’m a wacko even though I don’t take ballet anymore.

When I got to school I didn’t feel good. “Hey, Dude what’s wrong” Kyle sympathized while he whacked this random girl with his light Saber “oh nothing,” I answerd “ just a head ach” “ OHH” Kyle added as he smacked yet another helpless girl with his light saber. And then came in Roy, the school bully. He was always with this group of five guys all in a row with him at the front. The boys behind him changed but he was always there like a leader of a wolf pack. And then from the other side of the hallway came the amazing Kelly. I’ve had a crush on her since the first day I met her. I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was the first day of kindergarten and I was scared out of my wits! When it was time for recess every one had someone to hang out with. It was like a mini high school with all of the cliques. I looked over and saw the prettiest girl I had ever say playing on the swings. The sun hit her dark brown hair and made it shine like the stars. Every day since then I’ve had a gigantic crush on her but I haven’t dared to talk to her it would be too dangerous. So there I am standing in the hallway with my dork of a friend (sorry Kyle if you’re reading this) just waiting for this girl to come over and talk to me. Of course that is just fantasy because why would her like that talk to a guy like me. The remainder of the school day went the same way, head hurting and waiting for a girl to talk to me. When the school day was finally over, I got on the bus hoping for a change in luck but none came my way. I just sat in silence listening to the other chat with their friends and gossip about the latest news. When it came to my stop I ran up to my house hoping that Kyle would be able to chat.

After HW, soccer time came. This was my least favorite part of the day because Roy was the caption of the team. When I got there, everyone looked at me funny and was acting strangely nice to me. This kind of frightened me but I went along. As soon as I put my bag down, I saw someone messing with it. I thought something didn’t add up but I didn’t want them to stop being kind to me so I didn’t say anything. After a long scrimmage, we had a water break. When I went to my bag to get my water, I saw a pair of ballet tights and shoes. The tights and shoes stared at me with the intense eye of a tiger, but I refused to let my gaze leave the horrible sight. I didn’t know why they would do this to me. I wasn’t even dancing anymore. I was so upset that I calmly picked up my bag and walked away. I didn’t even bless them with a second glance I wanted them to know that they couldn’t get to me. I thought, “I live about a mile away I could walk that far”. When I couldn’t bottle up my anger any longer I started sprinting, sprinting past my house past my school I had no clue where I was going I just wanted to run. I was running so fast that I couldn’t feel the ground anymore. It was like I was flying, flying like a bird. Flying like the bird that was always made fun of and that was the outcast of the whole flock. Then I realized that I was flying. I was the flying outcast bird! I was amazed, how could I do this it was impossible! I was flying up there when I realized that it was a wonderful place to think. When I was thinking I thought that I should tell my mom there might be something wrong with me. So when I got home I expected them to say that I was crazy but when I told them they just gave me a big hug and squeaked thorough sobs, “oh you finally got your powers!” I was very confused then they explained how our family all had powers. My mom has invisibility, my dad has super speed and Jim has flying abilities. How could they keep this from me I thought, but I didn’t say anything because this is the first time that my family was actually whole with no secretes. And I hoped and prayed that it stayed that way forever.

The one dreadful thing about being a super hero is that your parents had to lay down the laws. Don’t do this, no doing that it was just too much for a 9th grader to handle but I guess it was for the best. The one thing that I did remember was that I couldn’t tell ANYONE about my powers not even Kyle. This would be difficult but I didn’t want to disappoint so I didn’t tell him. “The next few weeks” dad bumbled, “There was no soccer but a lot of training. Every day from 2:30-7:15 to be exact” It was bitter sweet, I mean It will be hard training but come on I have super powers. When I got to school the next day, every thing seemed to be going fine when I got this text from a mysterious number that I’ve never seen before. 587-457-5456. The text said, “I KNOW YOUR SECERTE!! BTW this is Kelly:” I started freaking out! How did she know? I haven’t told anyone, not even Kyle. Maybe she saw me in the sky flying. “Oh no” I said out loud “whoops” I thought “what’s Oh no?” Kyle screamed while in a “Light Saber Battle” with a lamppost. “Nothing, nothing’s oh no!!” I yelled back then darted for the lockers. When I found Kelly and her friends, I decided that I needed to talk to her. Boy was I nervous, it is the first time I’ve ever talked to her and I didn’t want to screw it up. “Ummmmm… Can I talk to Kelly” I spoke in a very nervous and strangely high-pitched voice. “Sure” all the rest of her clique just laughed and walked away. “Kelly” I said gaining confidence now that her clique was gone
“What was this text about??”
“It was about what it said! I know your secrete Roy told me.”
“ROY? How did Roy know?”
“Didn’t he find ballet shoes in you bag once?”
“OHHHH that secrete” I sighed, relived.
Then she left to go talk to her friends, but just when I was about to walk away she came up behind me and said “ by the way I think ballet is cute” then hesitated and continued and “ and I think that your cute for taking ballet” then she blushed and ran off.

With my mouth wide open I just stood there. I probably looked like an idiot but I didn’t care I had had the best day and a half of my life. Then I had the sudden urge to go ask my mom to buy me a new pair of dance shoes.

The author's comments:
I hope people understand that just because you are diffrent doesn't mean that you are less important or not as cool and that being independent is good.

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