Family or Death

January 3, 2010
By Ren_Miyazawa GOLD, Anna, Texas
Ren_Miyazawa GOLD, Anna, Texas
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I awake in the forest so far from home. I dont know where I am. The ground is moist from the morning rain now its just a sprinkle. I lay in a patch of moss alone, but not afraid. I feel as if I have been here before. In a dream or in real life. How did I get here was it the fight, the party, was i kidnaped? I thought to myself. "Hello Hello is anybody around? HELLO HELLO?" I yelled. I got up of the moist ground and looked around at my surroundings. Huge claw marks were on the trees blood also. I put my hand up to the claw marks. "Did I do this to the trees." I rubbed my face with the other hand and then looked at my hand it was covered in blood. It was me what did i do? What did i do last night to be bleeding? "Ken where is he at? KEN ARE YOU HERE KEN?" I screamed till i could scream no more. I walk through the forest following the dripping blood marks on the ground. I found Ken laying on the ground wolf form he had no scratches or cuts but had blood on him. Most likely from me. "Ken wake up Ken. Oh please wake up for me" I shook him for ten minuets he did not awaken untill that afternoon. Sun was high in the sky now his fur faded away till he was human again. His blond hair was shining in the sunlight of the afternoon. I fell asleep next to him. "Amaya wake up." He gave me a small shake I opened my eyes to meet his crystal blue eyes. "Ken what happened last night?" He hugged me not wanting to let go. "You got in a fight with Zen he tryed to kill you. I don't want that to ever happen again to you. Don't get in fights please you worry me so much when that happens" He was still hugging me. "I won't I promise and you know when i make a promise i keep the promise no matter what happens unless someone is going to kill you. Your the only one left im my life I need you to stay with me." I made him quit hugging me long enough to look me in the eyes. He wiped the tear from my cheek as it fell. "I promise i will stay with you forever Amaya I love you and I always will. I won't let anybody have you." I sat there in his lap staring into his eyes knowing he ment every word he said to me. "Come on lets go." He stood up and pulled me up with him. We ran through the forest till we came to the road where a car almost hit us as we tried to run past it before it came to close. The car pulled to a sudden stop and the guy got out. "What in the world happened to you." The unknown guy was looking at me. I pointed to myself. "Yes you girl what happened to you." I was remembering that my forhead was bleeding. "Oh I just Hit my head I'm fine. We are heading home sir sorry to run infront of your car." I said apologent "Both of you get in my car you need to get to the hospitle now. You are pale from blood loss I don't even know how your alive." Ken pulled me towards the forest on the other side of the road. I was frozen in place to scared to move. "Amaya come on run." Ken whispered to me in my ear. "Get in my car or I will call the police on you brats its not hard to find you with the blood trail on the ground." He pointed to ground i saw drops of blood on the road. "Fine we will come but we are sitting in the back together. Once we get to the hospitle don't come in with us." Ken demanded to him. "Ok just get in before she dies from blood loss." Ken put me in the car first then slid in. I layed on his shoulder the whole way and fell asleep. When we got the the hospitle the guy droped us off no questions. We got out and he left on his way. Ken carryed me in. The people at the hospitle all look at Ken carrying me to the place to sign in. "Um sir how long has she been like this?" They asked Ken "Shes just sleeping sir. Watch. Amaya wake up sweety." He gave me a little shake. "Are we there Ken?" I opened my eyes. "Yeah can you stand?" I shook my head and he set me down. "Well we are bringing you straigh to the back."They brang me to the back imidently. I was out in seconds from sleeping gas. I dreamed of the night that pained me so much. The night that i became alone in my life. I was just walking home when i saw huge flames ingolfing my house. I ran as fast as i could droping all my stuff on the ground and glass shattered everywere. I had blood running down my legs staining the snow crimson red from my blood. I lay in the cold snow crying after i called the fire department. It was now me against the world. Ken walked out of his house calm and sat next to me. The tears ran down my face but didnt ever finish rolling down my cheek due to the fire so hot they evaperated. Now I have no family my mother, father, and baby sister are now dead. Grandparents died long ago too. So me against the world is the worst thing in the world to me. I was now alone the earth is huge and no one wants a teen around not in this time. Ken sat me in his lap and hugged me tight not letting go for anything like i was his daughter. "Ken thank you." He looked at me like I was crazy "For what?" I did not look at him I stared at the flames engolfing my home of dead family. "For being here in my life for not leaving me." He whiped my tear as it started to fall. "Amaya I love you I will never leave your side even if it means my death also." His voice soft trying to calm me as I tryed to breath. He sat out there with me untill the fire was out and the Police asked where I would be staying or if to take me to the orphenage. "Shes staying with me and my family now. No need to take her away." The police shook their heads then continued. "May we speak to your parents before we let her stay her." Ken picked me up and carryed me and motioned to the police to follow. "Mom the police want to talk to you." He yelled. She walked in from the kitchen. "Whats wrong officers." "Well miss Amaya has no place to live and this boy said that she would be staying with you or she will go to a teen orphanage." She shook her head. "Yes she is staying with us she is family to us we have known her and her family for many years."...gana try to continue not sure comment plz

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