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January 2, 2010
By AuberneAncalimon SILVER, Keyport, Washington
AuberneAncalimon SILVER, Keyport, Washington
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Once upon a time, there where two Hobbits named David and Clara Foxknobs of The Shire. They lived in a beautiful home in the hills of Hobbiton. The story of how they met is such a wonderful tale, that I must share it with all of you.

Chapter One: Tow Hobbits
David Whitfoot was free to make his way in the world. He was old enough to do whatever he wanted to do. He decided to get a job at The Green Dragon hauling barrels, carrying supplies and such. So one day he went to The Green Dragon to apply for the job. He ask the barmaid where he could find the owner. The barmaid was a young Hobbit lass named Clara Foxknobs. When she saw David, she thought he seemed to be the nicest Hobbit ever. So she took him to see Old Jack. Now Old Jack is the gruff hot-tempered type. Luckily he was in a good mood that day and told David he would decide tomorrow. Clara just knew he had to get the job. So that evening, she went to see Old Jack. She was not afraid of him for he loved her like a granddaughter. She told him she thought David was perfect for the job. And when she was done, Old Jack leaned back in his chair puffing on his pipe, deep in thought. He told her he would seriously think about it. The very next day, David had a new job with which he was very pleased with. He realized Clara had helped him get the job and he was very grateful. As time grew on, Clara and David got to know each other better. They would walk through the fields, talking and laughing. If they both were invited to a party, they would dance and sing together. They became good friends and would spend much time together. Three years later they got married in June, at a lovely summer wedding. They bought a house in the hills of The Shire and where very happy. They had there first child three years later. They named her Eris. She grew up into a beautiful lass, with light brown hair and green eyes full of love and happiness. Five years after, they had a second girl. Her name was Kate. She had dark hair and deep blue eyes. The other Hobbits thought this was a little strange, for Hobbits usually have five or more children. But David and Clara where happy with their two daughters and did not feel that they needed more. A little while later, they decided to open a tavern which they called The Golden Flower. David had been perfecting his brewing for some years now and made a fine ale, which won 1'st place in the Annual Ale Brewing Contest the last two years and is predicted to win again. Clara is a excellent cook and Hobbits come from all over the Shire to have her homemade bread, pies, stew and other culinary delicacies. Eris and Kate when they where old enough came to work at The Golden Flower. Eris took over as barmaid and Kate was waitress.

Chapter Two: Dawn and Dusk
As Eris grew older, she became friends with a Hobbit named Aidan Greenhill of The Shire. His father was a farmer who grew corn and wheat. They met when David bought some grain and Aidin delivered the shipment. He was a happy care-free Hobbit with curly brown hair and hazelnut eyes. He loved to laugh and enjoy life. Eris and Aidin loved to walk in the forest and talk together. One evening, four years later they where sitting on top of Eris's house enjoying the cool night air. They had become close friends and grew to love one another very much. So Aidin ask her to marry him. He told her she was like the dawn to him and she made him feel like dusk and that she meant the world to him. Her eyes where brimming over with tears as she said yes. They got married on Midsummer's Eve. They built a house on the edge of the forest and lived happily together for many long years. And Kate married Jonathan Brandybuck, Merry's brother. For Eris and Kate had been friends with Merry, Pippin, Frodo and Sam for a long time and they would hang out together often. And so ends the tale for now. But there is always more room for a another story. The End!

The author's comments:
This is inspired by the way my parents meet and got married.

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