A New Beginning

January 2, 2010
Chapter 1
My Past

For the first time in my fourteen years of life, I felt truly like a vampire. I was constantly thinking of my past, which drove me into a rage of pure hate towards myself, which could only be tamed by the thoughts of my parent’s last request. This request brought me to my bedroom, a place I often came to escape reality, but a reality was quickly approaching that I could no longer escape…school.
As I laid in my bed slipping into a dream, my thoughts went wild. What to wear? What to say? Do I keep to myself or be loud and rude like most teenagers these days? It would be my first day of high school ever, in just eight hours. I could barely sleep, because all I could think about was starting school for the first time without parents.
I was starting high school, shortly after my parent’s murder and my attempt at revenge. I also was adjusting to being around humans, without feeling the urge to snap their necks. It was weird, but manageable. I rarely even noticed the scent of their blood gushing through their soft necks.
I had just finished a transition. A transition that took months, it has allowed me to only rely on human food to satisfy my hunger. I had always eaten human food, but just not as much. I no longer would drink blood, human blood. It turned me into a monster, a monster I was trying to leave behind me, never resurfacing.


I have been a vampire from birth, but reaching the age thirteen was something that I can never forget. Once January 1st approached, my life changed.

It went from seeing my parents every day for a couple of weeks and then they going off to travel for their occupations, to me never being able to see them again. How could this happen? I do not know, but by the end of my life, I will have found out.
I woke up like any other day except it was my birthday, and headed down the hallway towards my bathroom. About three yards away from the bathroom I got a weird filling, like someone was watching my every move.
As I opened the halfway cracked door to my bathroom the most disgusting aroma hit me, like a ton of bricks. Who had been in my bathroom, and why? Once I walked in I knew, my bathroom had been trashed, and there was a note for me on my mirror over the sink. It read “Nastasja we have your parents, and by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.” I was traumatized, who could be behind this cruel act, and that’s when I decided, it was time to leave.

My head was pounding. My body was aching. I was just as a walking corpse…mechanical. I imagine it was the shock, the confusion, the anger that made my eyes fog. Although, I was determined to find answers. Even if this meant functioning under confusing circumstances.
I stuffed a medium sized duffle bag with a week worth of jeans and tee shirts, two short cocktail dresses, and a pair of Vans, and black stilettos. I grabbed my purse and doubled checked to see if I had my wallet. I knew where I was headed, Russia, in Russia there’s the mafia’s, the scary godfathers, and the legacy of my ancestors.
The Petrova’s, my family, ruled over all vampires from the beginning of our existence. Our life was similar to the humans, except for the fact that we along with hunger for human food craved something that was a risky to get…, human blood. Human blood made us strong, it gave us hope, and it powered our race. Ever since the decline of the empire, which took place only a few years ago, the Vampire race has been dwindling.
I had watched a massacre of several vampire covens; the godly, the devils, the angels, and the peaceful. Partly, the massacre was my grandpa’s fault. He was in charge of the empire, and he was all about dirty business. He had sided with the believers, a community of twisted vampires. The believers were head of the blood supply industry; they stole massive units of blood and transported the units to several covens. My grandpa helped start the business, and in return they made an alliance with the Petrova coven. Yet my grandpa was too blind to see the defiance, the betrayal behind the believers. I saw it, and so did my parents. Despite warnings, my grandpa continued to work hand in hand with the believers.
The believers being so twisted, so deceitful, ripped off many covens. The covens decided to confront the believers, and that’s how the Blood war started.
My grandpa didn’t even try to negotiate the war; he just took his stance with believers. The believers brought in other alliances, the werewolves. This allowed an alliance between the werewolves and the Petrova’s to form. In result after the believers destroyed the covens against them, we Petrova’s extended the alliance with the werewolves to the remaining vampire coven. My grandpa resigned with the signing of a peace treaty, and the believers disappeared of the face of the earth.
But there is something's..., a treaty, an alliance can not help us vampires escape. That is death, something the treaty specified.
Death to us is more painful than any human form of death. So naturally we embraced our thirst of blood, thus creating random myths that taunt many humans fascinated in supernatural things. The empires main focus was on keeping our race alive. Keeping our secret of existence, just that… a secret. Fortunately our secret has been kept, and that no longer is a problem.
But this treaty troubled me. Why would the werewolves go against the treaty? Why would they kill an ally, a vampire?

I finished gathering snacks out of the pantry tucking them into my pockets of my jeans, and grabbed my coat I had left on the back of the sofa as I flew out the door making haste. I didn’t even try to lock the door on my way out, because honestly I didn’t care who entered it at this point. I sprinted down my long driveway, easily climbed up and over the motorized gate curving around the mansion I call home, and darted around the back of the property. It was weird, a bazaar building behind the safety of a gate. Weird, but not my idea. There was large garage, disguised as the maids quarters, I keyed in the pass code to open the garage door, and there my car.
My parents had said ‘you can have the car out back when you turn sixteen and no less’; but honestly who cared, this was an emergency. I opened the door to my Range Rover Turbo, and accelerated out into the open field, around the property and onto the road. It took me all of three minutes to reach the main road from my house, in this insanely fast SUV, and honestly I was glad that I looked sixteen and not thirteen at that moment. I slowed down to sixty-five mph, and that was as slow as I was willing to go. I arrived at the airport and had the valet guy park my car in the reserved section of the garage. Then I headed to purchase the soonest flight out to Moscow.

I was lucky, the line was short, and the attendant was nice and helpful. I got everything settled with just enough time to slurp down a few pints of blood I had stashed in my purse, and then I boarded the plane and got settled in my seat. Departure was quick, but I knew I had many hours until my arrival in Moscow. I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t help, but to think about my parents. Were they really still alive? Would me disappearing anger their kidnappers, and possibly be the reason for their death? I couldn’t bring myself to answer that question. All I knew was that in a couple of hours, I would get answers, and I would get my parents back. But how?
Maybe I would threaten a witch or a wizard, if they still existed to get a crystal ball and show me my parents and their capturers. Or I would go searching throughout Russia to find the werewolves and kill them all, but first I would start in Moscow to see if I could find out the truth.

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