January 1, 2010
By weeedle BRONZE, Sarasota, Florida
weeedle BRONZE, Sarasota, Florida
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She walked beneath the forest canopy; passing alternately into shadows and moonlight. Her bare feet scrapped softly against dead leaves. Tight jeans encased her thin legs and a wrinkled T-shirt hung from from her torso. Her face was pretty and implied innocence but, her gleaming emerald eyes and the dark circles beneath them suggested otherwise.
An aching hunger flickered in her stomach. She breathed deeply and could detect the metallic, sickly smell of a city's fumes. Her pace quickened and the muscles in her jaw twitched. She did not like entering civilization, but this excursion was necessary. She could not subsist on animal meat for more than a few days. It did not provide proper sustenance. But more importantly it was unnatural, like feeding a hamburger to a cow.
A rumbling airplane shattered the delicate silence. Humans are much too loud! What destructive little beasts they are. She cringed to think that a single chromosome seperated her from them, one well placed genetic mutation. Her extra chromosome had endowed her with several extra traits. Such as; a peaceful, introverted disposition, a quick and agile body, and a craving for human flesh as well as the sharp teeth needed to obtain it. Genetically, she was a cousin to humans, a seperate branch on the simian tree. She was also their predator and according to her mother, "a vaccine against a rampant disease that had infected earth."
Supposedly, this mutation occured during the industrial revolution in the US as a result of chemicals present in the water and food supply. A pregnant women who is exposed to these currently unidentified chemicals may give birth to a "mutated" child. Two mutants will produce only mutant children. Due to their physical similiarities to humans and their need for solitude and wilderness; mutants have not been detected by humans.
She had reached the outskirts of the city. She took one tentative step onto the disconcertingly smooth tar road and emerged from her beloved forest. She began padding silently along the street, eyes downcast to avoid the intrusive glare of the street lamps. Her nostrils flared as she urgently searched the air for the scent of dinner. She was now surrounded by meager shacks which radiated the rich aroma of human but, she usually tried to avoid taking them from their homes.
She was beginning to feel insatiably hungry, when she smelled one that was not enclosed within walls. It was sitting in the alley to her left. She crept inside the confined dark space and closed her eyes to enhance her sense of smell. Its scent formed an outline in her brain: it was male and nearly twice her size. Crouched beside a dumpster, it did not react to her arrival. She dropped to all fours and pulled herself forward until she was directly in front of the dumpster. It still seemed oblivious to her.
She shivered with anticipation before leaping into the air. She soared above the dumpster and landed upon its body with a muffled thud. It grunted and she could smell the sharp scent of fear wafting from it. It attempted to grab hold of her but she delved beneath its outstretched arms and clasped its neck in her mouth. She squeezed until she felt the crunch of a severed vertebrae. Sweet warm blood leaked into her mouth and down her throat, as a frenzy ensued.
Several minutes later, someone partaking in a midnight stroll might have noticed a thin girl with long flowing hair exiting a dark alley, chewing on appeared to be a chicken leg. They would have assumed that she was homeless and had been raiding dumpsters and would continue on their walk, their mind returning to more pressing matters such as; the new car that they desired or the tan that they so badly needed.

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