No Name Yet. Chapter One

January 1, 2010
She woke up screaming…again. This time I didn’t rush to her room, dragging behind my feet behind me, I pushed on her door. It opened. I looked in; my sister’s bed was empty! I hurried into the room and looked under her bed, she wasn’t there, I jumped off the floor and ran into the bathroom it was empty. I ran past the mirror and then ran back to it, the mirror was cracked, a little but noticeable. I ran a finger over it and then suddenly I was in another world. I was standing in Arianne’s room, her clock read 3:12 my watch said it was 3:18. Arianne was lying in her bed, her face was as pale as chalk, I quickly rush forward and tried to shake her, my hand wouldn’t touch her it was as if a invisible boundary was stopping me. I watched as Arianne’s eyes popped opened, she didn’t look at me, she seemed like she didn’t know that I was standing right beside her. Arianne saw something that I didn’t see, couldn’t see as she closed her eyes again, only to open them again. Her mouth opened wide and she screamed, and jumped out of bed, I followed her with my eyes, as this world started to slip away I saw Arianne close the closet door.

I opened my eyes, I was back in the bathroom I looked around once and ran to the closet. “Arianne” I said, yanking open the closet door, my little sister was huddled in a corner, and she looked up at me with dark scared eyes. “Oh, Arianne” I said, “its okay” I sat down beside her, “no its not, Ash” she said, as she looked at me I saw tears in her eyes. “What’s wrong, Arianne?” I asked she shook her head; “tell me” I demanded she shook her head again. “Arianne, you’ve got to tell me,” I said, she sighed and said “Ash, Gramps is dead.”

The funeral was that following Sunday. It seemed like everyone attended, Gramps was a talker. The police had found him on the kitchen floor, in a puddle of blood, his own blood they didn’t know what to think. Gran was devastated, she couldn’t continue living in the house where her spouse had died. She came to live with us. Nothing was the same, everyone wondered how we had known Gramps was dead, and we had to lie.

There’s a legend about some of the families in Jinksville. Our family legend is mainly about a bunch of…mediums that travel the world helping people. At first to me, it was a bunch of crap, until I realized it was true. When I was 14, we had visited an art gallery, walking by the art, my hand had accidentally touched one of the paintings and the real world had faded away. During that visit to some time during World War II, I had realized that the legend was true that maybe I was a medium. That maybe my destiny was to help people like the past Giordano mediums.

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KatAnne said...
Jan. 19, 2010 at 8:53 pm
This is a very cool concept. Keep working at it. It's quite short and a bit jumpy. I'd like to see more of it.
StormyJ said...
Jan. 19, 2010 at 1:56 pm
I hope you guys like reading this!!!
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