December 30, 2009
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Jareth stood at the edge of the building. He cocked his head to the side then looked down to the city again. Jareth had very, very strong senses; he could tell something was wrong.

His strain black hair blow in the wind, and the wind was going thru his feathers.

“Anox.” He whispers. “No.” He shook his head. No believe what his mind was telling him. Jareth and Anox had very ken senses when it came to each other. They knew when the other was in trouble, and they always helped.

They hadn’t seen each other in a month and Jareth hadn’t gotten any of his feelings, so he thought that everything was ok. ‘Its funning how things an change in just one second.’ Because now, his senses were blazing, telling him that Anox was in trouble.

He looked down to the city one more time, and then, jumped. The one feeling better then flying to Jareth, was falling. He could just do it for days and days. But if he were to do that now, it would mean cretin death.

So after about a minute of falling of a 46 story building, he unraveled his beautiful gray and black 16 feet long wings. He pulled up with them, and started fly.

Fly was an amazing feeling. When he flew he just felt free. ‘This is not just a joy flight.’ He remained himself; this is for Anox, and his so to be child. That’s thought made a chill run up his spine. In only weeks he would be a father.

He tried to shake the thought out of his head, and to focus on the situation at hand. It was staring to get colder in the air, at the altitude he was at, so he started to lower himself.

Something caught his attention though, something fly to right of him. What he was looking at had to be at lease a mile away, so he couldn’t be sure of himself, but he knew for a fact that that was bigger then away bird he had ever seen.

He started to turn himself, to look at what he was seeing. When he got close enough to get a close up, he a lot most feel out of the sky.

“Lux!” He yelled! The beautiful blonde girl with, slickly white wings looked over to him, and smiled.

Lux couldn’t speech so they used there minds to speech to each other.

‘Jareth. I’m so happy to see you!’ She said. Lux was Anox’s sister. Anox was a year younger then Lux, but before they lost contact, they were joined at the hip.

‘Same here.’ Jareth said. ‘What are you doing in New York?’ He asked. Lux had left for Arizona, last year. And they hadn’t seem her since.

‘Where is Anox?’ She asked. ‘Did she have the baby yet?’ she asked.

Jareth looked very surprised. ‘She told you about that?’

‘Yes, of course she’s my sister. Now where is she?’ Lux was very persistent.

Jareth took a deep breath. ‘I haven’t seen her in a month and I think she maybe in trouble.’

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