October 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Today is the day. I have been waiting all my life for this, whatever it is. I was sitting in my classroom with all the anxious children of all ages. I was the only one that didn’t know what “rain” was because I am only 8. Whatever it is, it was going to happen at exactly 8:08 for the first time in 10 years, today. No one bothered to tell me what it is, or what it looks like… So I have no idea what to expect.

Right now, it is exactly 8:00 and I can barely sit still. The butterflies in my stomach are killing me. I am not even sure if this “rain” is visible, or if it’s a sound… I am completely clueless.

When the clock hit 8:05, our teacher told us that when the time is right, we should look out the window. So now I know that it happens outside… Now I am even more anxious and the fact that the time is moving incredibly slow is not helping.

Suddenly, I heard it. It sounded like two huge frying pans were clashing together in the sky. Everyone rushed outside as the sky grew dark. Honestly, I was a little scared. I had no idea what was going on. (We have to get outside somehow…)

As I wandered towards the middle of the outdoor area, I looked up to find a water droplet rushing towards me and falling right on my nose. What is this? Water falling from the sky? Before I knew it there was a swarm of water droplets surrounding me.
This was the opposite of what I was thinking, but when I saw all the other children running around and celebrating I decided to join them. This thing we call “rain” is actually pretty nice! I just wish I didn’t have to wait another 10 years for it to come again…

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