A Fish Tale :Chapter 3-4

December 21, 2009
By , Somerton, AZ
Chapter 3:

Finding the rocky shore line where Asmay said the cave was easy, but to find the cave was the hard part. The path, (well there wasn’t really a path) we took was very jagged and slippery. We both slipped a few time into little tide pools ripping our jeans. “****** these were my favorite pair of jeans.” Jordan cursed. Finally after a few scraped knees we finally found the cave in this hidden cove. “Exactly where did you find this cave, again?” Jordan asked walking into the cave’s entrance. “A book.” I simply replied. “Wow what a book.”Jordan smiled. As we walked further ahead into the cave to a point where it was dark, I suddenly slipped into a hole that took me underground. The drop was short and gentle, but my butt saved my landing. As I looked around I saw a dim glowing light, before Jordan started shouting, “Mia, can you hear me? Are you okay?” she said yelling. ‘’Shhhhh! Jordan keep it down, I’m fine.” I said in a loud whisper. “Well I’m coming down.” She yelled. “Alright just be careful and follow the light to your right.” I said walking towards the light. All I heard was a loud thud an “Oh my butt.” This made me giggle. “Oh shut up Mia.” She said coming up behind me. As we walked forward we came to an opening, where this clear pool lay in the middle of the underground cave. “The water lines on the walls show that the pool rises and falls with the tide.”I said turning to Jordan who was looking at me blankly. “And that means what?” she asked still confused. “It means there is a hole at the bottom of the pool and that will be the way to get home.” I said seeing her face change from to confusion to semi-smart. I just smiled and said “I am going to go check it out.’’ I dived into the water before she could respond. I swam to the bottom where I found a secret opening and swam through, and when I reached the surface I could see that we where only a couple of yards from the cave. I took in one last breath and swam back to Jordan. “Come in the water’s great.” I said as I saw Jordan pacing in the dim light. She cautiously stepped into the water, it started to bubble. “Excuse me.” I said laughing. Jordan laughed a little and grabbed my hand as we took one last breath.


By the time we reached the library for my bike we were still completely soaked. “I’ll call you tomorrow Jo. I don’t know how I am going to explain this to Taylor, if I’m not dry by the time I get to his house.” I said unlocking my bike. “We need to this more often.” Jordan joked. “What? the whole getting lost, finding secret caves and swimming in mysterious pool.” I asked laughing. “Yeah, okay Mia I’ll see you tomorrow.” She said driving away.

Chapter 4:

By the time I reached Taylor’s house my pants were still wet, and as I walked up the path I could see Taylor waiting on the steps for me. I went to sit down next to him, but before I could sit down he noticed my pants. I chuckled nervously as his mouth began to move. “Care to explain?” he questioned. “If you give me time I will come up with something very good.” I smiled in response. Then I thought to myself, what would he say if I told him at the library I found a girls journal, and she was a mermaid, she had amazing adventure and all the problems was because of this mysterious pool. I could tell him anything, I trusted him, right? “Well, Jordan and I went down to the beach to find these cool little tide pools and I slipped, and the water was so great we decided to stay and enjoy it.” I said looking at his face to see his reaction. “Okay whatever you say Mia.” He said with my favorite smile across his face. “Let's take you inside and get some clothes before you get sick.”He kissed my forehead and helped me inside. Everyone was here, Bronson, Alex, and Paul were sitting on the little couch watching the Lakers game, and Drew and Kit were in the middle of an arm wrestling match on the living room floor. Taylor’s dad and Mr. smith were sitting in the kitchen talking about building and construction, and nobody seemed to noticed or mind that Tay and I were walking to his room. He left me at the door while he went and looked for some old gym shorts. “Here you go these are from my middle school years.” He said laughing. “And before your growth spurt and muscle package.” I muttered under my breath to only hear him laugh as he walked outside so I could change. I hurried and changed out of my pants and slipped into his shorts. I opened the door to see Taylor waiting against the wall for me. “so how was your little adventure?” he asked me as he walked to his bed . I crawled into his lap and leaned against his chest and said, “ It was fun, I got to spend some time with Jordon and we had fun.” He looked down at me and said, “At least she gets to spend more time with you than me.” He said kissing my forehead. “Well I’m sorry at least I love you more.” I said kissing him gently. Finally we were alone and we were going far. He laid me down on his bed as our bodies intertwined, he ran his fingers through my hair, and our kisses were more passionate than ever. A loud thud interrupted us, we both stopped and looked at each other. I watched as he got up and walked out the door and I followed him to the living room. We walked into a MMA fight or something. Bronson and Drew were wrestling on the floor and grunting about something. I walked over to Kit and he just smiled “Bronson owes Drew 10 bucks since the Spurs lost.” I just smiled and nodded my head and walked into the kitchen. “Hello Mia long time no see.” Mr. Jaycee said in a boisterous voice. “Hey Mr. Jaycee thank you for the pizza.” I said putting two slices on my plate.
“ No problem Mia my house is your house now.” He said winking at Taylor which made me giggle. I walked over and sat between Taylor and Kit while we watched Drew and Bronson go at it in front of us. About two slices of pizza, and three Dr. Peppers later Taylor nudged me to see if I was ready to go. I said bye to everyone and Taylor walked me to his BMW and drove me home. As we pulled onto my street I whispered, “Pull over here and cut the lights..” I smiled as he obeyed. “Five minutes until your mom has a real reason to hate me.” He said gazing into my eyes. I leaned in to kiss his perfect lips and as our lips met we were back to the way we wanted to be. Suddenly my phone buzzed, that scared us both until we started laughing. “Hi mom, I’m just down the street, I’ll be there in a sec.” I said slamming my phone shut. “Well I’m screwed.” I laughed as we pulled to the front of the house. He got out of the car and opened my door to walk me to the door. I hugged him tightly and whispered in his ear, “Come over in the morning I will leave my window open.” I pulled back and started to walk away as he grabbed my waist and pulled me and kissed my forehead. “I’ll be there.” He said letting me go and getting into his car. “Mom you can stop spying on me.” I said walking into the living room. “Well you know I don’t like Taylor at all, but yet you still seem to date him against my wishes.” She said walking to dump her coffee in the sink. “I love him, and he loves me, and we don’t care what you think all that much.” I said slamming my door.

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