the book

December 21, 2009
there we were. just standing there. just watching the book burn.the book was evil. if you would open it it would consume ur sole.and these days were running out of good people in the we couldnt take the chance of having it take more i looked at the book burn i thought of all those faces that were lost.tears went down my cheaks as i watched it burn.i just stood there lost in my own head.memories consumed me. i was in another time ententirely.she was back to when she was just a little girl.the house smelled of fresh baked cookies. she ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. she saw the cookies on a pan on the counter and her mother smiling lovingly at her.she smiled back. a voice pulled her put of her head."its done. the book is burned."she looked at her older brother."ok"she said. her voice was raspy. they walked away together.

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